Duct Tape: The multi-purpose King

DIY, Sealant, Coating, Fixer-Upper and many other

*Clears throat*

Okay, let’s get to work now.

Everyone behold the king of versatility, Duct Tape, Rightful heir to the multi-purpose throne, the First of its name, Jack of all trades but master of none, Rightful fixer of the cracked items and the broken pieces, Adhesive of the five continents and the seven seas, The father of patches, the Grandfather of DIY projects, the Sealant of the handy men, the Unburnt, the Uncut, the Undestroyable, the Restorer of chains.
Look at this beauty. Who doesn’t love those curves… Source pixabay.


I think this is a proper introduction for the best product ever created. EVER!

This miracle on Earth is manufactured by only three raw materials: a cotton mesh, some polyethylene coating and plenty of adhesive compound. Three-hit wonder!

The purposes of this item are only limited by one’s imagination.

  • Fixes broken pieces, cracked pieces, almost destroyed pieces and COMPLETELY destroyed pieces.
  • Acts as a sealant against water, wind and light. Also helps with insulation.
  • Acts as a coating to anything that needs a coat. I have seen a car fully coated with this stuff and it looked amaze-balls.
  • Captures flies, crickets and other pests, if used properly.
  • Helps the amateur car mechanic to pimp their ride.
  • Is the basis of any DIY project. *strikes-through “basis” and writes “requirement”*
  • Is the best material for pranks. If you have not duct-taped on the ceiling someone in a party, I judge you for your life choices.
  • Is kidnappers’ best friend — not so proud for this one. Moving on…
  • Acts as a budget hair removal tape. From personal experience, feel free to apply plenty of aloe vera after its application.
  • Fixes your spaceship in case of unexpected malfunctions. #Apollo13crew

And last but not least important: FIXES DUCTS (original use actually).

Disclaimer: Avoid usage in break-ups. History has shown that duct-taping yourself on your ex-girlfriend will get you a court-imposed restraining order more often than it will help you to get back together.

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