Feeding my reading culture

Quite recently I bumped into this one article by Rosie Leizrowice who claimed that by reading 1 minute every day, you will manage to finish an additional book a year. Such a statement came to me as a surprise. And not due to the statistics and projections of how many books I am able to read per year if I follow some specific reading rules. I was mostly surprised by how little I have managed to read this. I did not finish more than 5 or 6 books and a couple of audiobooks which is really underwhelming if I consider that I do not really do anything else after working hours apart from the watching youtube videos and Netflix.

We live busy lives. And we constantly keep our heads occupied with either previous experiences or future problems that are not on the horizon, yet.

To my understanding, I am pretty sure that I will try to implement a 1-hour reading rule from now on in order to stimulate my reading habits and to start going through the to-read list that I possess.

And pretty much in the same way as daily blogging, I would need to respect the daily reading rule in order to stay true to myself.

Peach and tranquility.

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