Win your life, by fueling your passion

“Tell me what you do with the food you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are. 
Some turn their food into fat and manure, some into work and good humour, and others, I’m told, into God.” 
the Greek

These two lines create one of the most influential quotes I have read in a while. It came from the mouth of a very simple, humble and genuine character in Nikos Kazantzakis’s book “Zorbas the Greek” with whom the reader fells in love since the first pages of the book.

This specific quote is the greatest definition of personal self-fulfillment I have ever read and it made the cogs in my head to spin for days.

And it is bizarre how such a simplistic call-to-action quote, initiates an intricate and multi-variable thought process to the knowledgeable reader. Because everything boils down to the fact that we are so occupied with performing our daily routines that we forgot what life is all about.

We are not supposed to live for 75 years and then just fade away. 
We are not supposed to get caught by our personal problems and to allow our best years to go away. 
We are not supposed to spend a life not creating anything and living without a smile on our face.

“Do Something Great neon sign” by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

All it matters, is to be passionate about what makes us happy, complete and proud And to try to treat every variable around us as the input to this passion.

We need to breathe our passion, to drink our passion, to eat our passion and ultimately to talk to people in order to spread it. Everything should point towards that direction and everything should start from it. 
This is what self-fulfillment is all about: Staying true to yourself and following the mission that you have on this earth. 
And for the ones who have found their mission, at least, they know what kind of fuel puts fire on their chest. A life with a passion without a concrete fruition plan is already multiple times better than a life without any passion at all.

So, what about the food that you eat?

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