User interviews help to discover why users have a certain problem and if your design solves that problem correctly. Messing up this phase of product development could result in a lack of information or even wrong information on which you base your product decisions. This would be a very costly mistake to make. Interviewing users is a very specific skill you need to master as a User Experience Designer or as a Product Manager. Make sure you always have a person in your product team specialized in this skill.

User interviews can be used during multiple product stages: to discover…

Scrum, backlog management, refinement, you probably already know all about these methods, but what makes someone a really good Product Manager?

On a side note: the scrum manual originally uses the term Product Owner, but many companies use the term Product Manager as they fill this position with a broader role that includes stakeholder management.

There are many type of Product Managers. In my years as product manager and coach I’ve met many different and wonderful people in this role, with various backgrounds ranging from UX design to HR. As the market matures, scrum and in-house development have become the…

A while ago I decided as a hobby project to improve the User Experience of I love their price monitoring website, but the UX is quite a mess. I tried to keep the design and branding unchanged, and only focused on improving the UX.

Normally I would never make changes to a website withouth analysing the existing usage data. In this case I had to make some assumptions, since I’m not involved with the website.

Before and after

My main focus was to help the users reach their goal: Buying the game now when the price is low, or buying it later…

Are you planning to launch an ICO post the 2017 ICO boom? Times have changed. You won’t get away with vague concepts. Instead, like any other startup you need to focus on user value, and design a token economy around that user value.

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Good User Experience is rare in the crypto world. Most projects are very technology driven and lack attention on user experience. Something which is, unfortunately, holding back mainstream adoption of crypto applications beyond crypto as an investment.

Luckily there are some exceptions of projects that are more focused on ‘normal’ users instead of crypto experts, and invest proper attention to the UX design of their products.

One of my favorite crypto wallets is BRD. …

It’s a great time to make a mobile app. There are more technical options to build one than ever before. Giving newcomers an actual late-mover-advantage.

In 2017 Q4 we decided at Werkspot to build an app for the service professionals on our marketplace platform. This makes a lot of sense since they are heavy repeat users and we believe that an app can give them the best experience to find and manage great jobs. Part of our choice includes that we wanted to leverage push notifications so that they never miss a job or a message from a client.


As a Product Owner you are not only responible for testing the delivered software, but also for giving feedback on the UX design before the developers pick it up. In the past years I have seen many user screen recordings, AB test results, and user interviews. This helps to get a strong general understanding of what does and especially what doesn’t work in UX.

Difficulty of re-desining for a big existing user base

It is very difficult to change your design when users have used it for many years. Redesigns can lead to outrage from your core users, see the example of the Reddit redesign. Ofcourse you can decide…

Im often surprised by how large companies fail in their international translations. For example showed some pages in German. took 2 years to fix a typo in the title of their website. wrongly translated their order/sort button into ‘Bestellen’ (place an order) instead of ‘Sorteren’.

Translation processes and quality problems

Companies use localization tools like Crowdin to manage their translations. Either by making employees in local marketing departments responsible or by hiring translators for each country. As a result your product teams are able to deploy faster as the translations dependencies are spread out over multiple people.

Crowdin screenshot from their homepage (ironicly including a wrong translation)

On the other hand this…

Everybody has ideas, but they aren’t always the best ideas to work on. When I first joined I thought it was a simple marketplace with consumers and craftsmen. I thought I could quickly find good ideas to improve the product. In reality, it took me at least one year to fully and deeply understand the business model dynamics and the users on the platform. These things are essential to make truly good product decisions and to create good product solutions with your team.

Product Owners should have the full overview of data, users, and business dynamics

As Product Owner, you have a weird but also blessed role as the leader of a…

I work as Product Owner at Werkspot, a home services marketplace which started 9 years ago as a small startup in the south of the Netherlands. After a reboot of the company 3.5 years ago and re-location to Amsterdam, the company reached the phase of a scaleup. We still have part of the startup culture, but also have quite a sizeable international operation with 140 employees.

While we have notable success, we also need to stay ahead of the curve as the market of arranging home services online continues to evolve and grow. …

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