Yes. It is so cute and romantic to be accused of rape and have absolutely no recourse because the…

You make an interesting claim — let met flesh that statement out for you, as I understand it. You’re worried that, as a man that you might get falsely accused of rape because of something new. Seems understandable, on the whole. However, simple statements like that often hide a lot of things. Let’s parse that out.

This is an issue for men now, but it wasn’t as much in the past. Why is that? There’s a few possibilities:
P1.) In the past, women would accuse men of rape, but it was ignored. Now it is not.
P2.) In the past, women were actually raped, but no longer are actually raped.
P3.) In the past, women never falsely accused men of rape, but they have suddenly started to.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but this pretty much covers the basic possibilities.

Ok, let’s start with P3: This is absurd. There have always been people who will abuse a system. No evidence has been provided that the rate has increased.
P2: There is some evidence that rapes have gone down, as have all violent crimes both worldwide and in the US. But the idea that no men are raping women is also absurd — it is still known to happen. The abuse (both physical and verbal) of women is still going strong, sadly.

P1: Here’s the kicker… women have always accused men of rape, but in the past, communities have most definitely ignored it. Women are becoming more empowered, and yes, there is the occasional lie. However, we have to make a choice as a society. Obviously, we have an obligation to protect men from false accusations. But actual, proven cases of false accusations are rare (even if they are often well covered). So society has chosen to listen. You seem to be arguing that it’s better for us to go back to ignoring women, at the cost of ignoring far more actual rapes and various degrees of assault, instead of taking them seriously, and forcing men (who have for thousands of years raped women with virtual impunity in many cases) to think twice about how they want to associate with women.

Frankly, if you have to worry about that (I do not, really) you’re already doing something wrong. Whether that means you are treating women in a questionable manner and aren’t “man” enough to be clear about intensions, or you aren’t smart enough to not put yourself in a vulnerable position, I can’t say for you. But most men don’t have to worry about this. So, I’d encouraged you to re-evaluate your priorities. Again — you are asserting that there is a major problem, without evidence. Prove it — put up or shut up, and I don’t mean anecdotal evidence. Otherwise, society has an obligation to protect people from violations. If you were a woman, you’d be far more likely to have deal with being actually, really assaulted and not being believed than a man ever will with not being believed.

Needs some tips on how to not get accused?
1.) Start with asking for consent… openly, and clearly. It’s sexy. I’ve done it lots of times, and it’s worked out great every time, regardless of whether we actually wound up having sex or not.

2.) Don’t rape.

3.) Don’t have sex with drunk girls. Just don’t. Even if you’re drunk, too.

4.) Don’t rape.

5.) Don’t assume because you had sex before, or she had sex with others, or anything.
6.) Don’t rape.
7.) If you don’t trust a girl, don’t put yourself in a room with her and yourself.


None of these things are hard. Grow up, and stop whining about something that’s not really a problem unless you make it a problem.

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