My Internet Mea Culpa
Rick Webb

As we know, most published futurists are not engineers nor pioneers, but good talkers, spinners of ideas, and effective self & group-promoters.

Tales of an unrelenting hopeful tech future are no better than those of a Hollywood tech dystopia.

None of which in essence is any better, more grounded, nor healthy, than the simplistic, hysterical distraction of the political realm.

The state of the internet today is not a tragedy; and no futurist’s or other commentator’s ego needs to be sorry for it.

Collectively we have built a wonderful new thing.

A new thing which as well as all the positives and new opportunities it brought, has exposed and informed us as to the fractures, oversights, and misplaced assumptions inherent in our society – in commerce, media, politics, and economics – to a depth and degree like no other time in our history.

Good. Great!

What a blessing, to be faced with this challenge – the wonderful now – and to fully invest and lose ourselves in fixing it all.

And is there anything more zen, Silicon Valley, than that?

At least we won’t have to worry about not having anything to do when the AIs come.

So let’s drop the dystopian bullshit as well.

There’s plenty to be done; this life goes on precisely because it isn’t perfect.

Always has, always will.

There’s need to be sorry.

We’ve got this.