2 things about PureComponent you probably should know.

Pure something in Pure somewhere.

But pure functions are not pure components.

How PureComponents works?

Why “purifying" of stateless components is..

..not enabled by default?

How Pure is a Pure component?

if f(X) produces Y, then `f` will be `pure`, when with the same X `f` will generate the same Y.

So, you have to be a good parent.

<MyApp>      // just my app
<Router> // react-router.
<Chrome> // my _pure_ chrome. Just a chrome.
<Switch> // react-router Switch
<Route ....>

Redux connect — is a PureComponent.

componentWillMount() {      
// subscribe to the event emitter. This
// is necessary due to pure components blocking
// context updates, this circumvents
// that by updating when an event is emitted.

const subscribe = this.context[CHANNEL];
this.unsubscribe = subscribe(nextTheme => { <----- MAGIC
trySubscribe() {
if (shouldSubscribe && !this.unsubscribe) {
this.unsubscribe =
this.store.subscribe(this.handleChange); <----- MAGIC
componentDidMount() {


  • redux-connect is a source of a change propagation.
  • redux connect is the end of a change propagation. It is still a PureComponent.

If you are not 100% sure that you have “rights” to stop propagation


const App = (props) => (





Born. Code. Die. [Refactor.] Repeat.

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Anton Korzunov

Anton Korzunov

Born. Code. Die. [Refactor.] Repeat.