One of The Most Effective Approach to Grow Business Fast Using Non-structured Massive of System Logs

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Imagine a Company where software is not their primary business, but rather a necessity to support and tie together communication devices, such as wireless voice-activated badges and smartphones.

Software binds these devices into a powerful network, enabling a wide range of use cases. This includes calling into a group with first-to-answer policy, or a calling to a job role instead of a specific person, such that employees currently on duty can be reached, or broadcast voice messages.

The Company deploys this System on the customer’s premises on the local network. The system generates a massive amount of logs that can…

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Do you have a complex data storage setup? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of ETL components your company supports? Is your company feature-focused at the moment and have minimum time and resources to develop a platform? If so, you will find this piece very useful. We will show why data lake is a natural answer to the system complexity and is an extremely great fit for quickly growing companies.

Why is a data lake a good response to complexity?

A traditional way to integrate multiple, diverse data sources is to build a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a great thing to have, as it serves as a single…

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