Why the next president of the USA should be a technology entrepreneur?

Technology pioneers have the edge over politicians of the past because they have the vision for the future.

Donald Trump’s performance is mostly associated with incompetence, investigation of the Russia`s interference into the American elections, with surmises that money from foreign governments have been received after the inauguration and the political chaos in Washington. At the same time the world is absorbedly following the newly elected president of France Emmanuel Macron, who has announced during one of his first speeches that France has to become the country of startups and entrepreneurs, as well as the leader of innovations and environmentally friendly technologies.

As opposed to his French colleague, Trump has signed an executive order “hire Americans”, the latest made a call for reconsidering visa H-1B programs, which encouraged the work of highly qualified foreign specialists. Simultaneously globalization and competitiveness of the USA has caused the growth of overall anxiety. Obviously, Trump is rather disputable personality arousing lots of criticism after being elected, although it`s not through his own aggressiveness and emotionality but by the reason of the politics which he chose for his country. This is the politics of the closeness/isolation from the world, politics of isolating from the problems, politics of the past, in other words, linear development, but not the politics of the exponential future.

So, what is the politics of the future for the strongest country of the world?

It`s a reasonable management of the Earth`s resources with the benefit for people. These are smart technologies and hyper innovations, it`s a search of unique ideas and new models, these are the unexplored routes. It`s a tailor-made pure sphere/branch, where an intellectual product is being created, which is frequently named as informational technologies (IT). We`re surrounded by technology: by means of communication, cars, planes. Any new and improved way to create something is originally a technology. The world is rapidly changing due to new technology and it has already stopped being linear. Just imagine, what a great amount of time was needed in the past for expanding any new technology. It took broadcasting 72 years to attract a billion of users, while the social network Facebook did it in 5 years (by the way, today Facebook has 2 billion of registered users).

You`ve probably heard the expression “exponential growth”. This term is used in mathematics for describing the quantity or value growth when the speed is ratable to the change of the quantity or value itself. Today we`re transferring from the linear development to the exponential due to the technological achievements, starting with the solar energy usage for autos charging and finishing with auto-piloted transportation which will change our way of live. Driverless cars Tesla or Google can already be seen in the roads of California. Voice recognition, computer working out when to turn on the system stabilizing the vehicle`s movement, when you identify the author of the song using smartphone or when you search some product online, and then this product is being suggested in the other online store. Nowadays, not the humans are the best chess and nard players, but intellectual computer systems.

Technology are constantly developing due to innovations that are new breakthroughs.

Hundreds years ago mankind lived in static societies where those who could deprive other people their posessions were considered successful. In this day and age, technology entrepreneurs able to create assets or values for people are claimed to be successful. The most renowned legend of the technological business is Steve Jobs, who managed to reinvent smartphone, Mark Zuckerberg, who created the best social network and a “living legend” Elon Musk, an innovator in the automobile manufacturing, an engineer who managed to reach significant results in missilery, power engineering, as well as he planned to turn the human civilization into planetary by means of colonization. Musk embodies the living out of dreams/performing wonders, he`s a person who turns into the reality the ideas of planetary and extraterrestrial scale. New startup creators are, first of all, people looking far ahead in the long term, they are decisive people, who are not afraid to take a risk and be leaders. The secret of their success lies in the bringing into existence something brand new and unique and in perpetual search of ways to improve their own inventions. All the successful technology entrepreneurs were creating something new and singular for that period. New companies, so called startups, are able to think outside the box and generate new ideas. Startups are a small group of people sharing views in building the new future.

Lately, the president of France during the conference Viva Tech has announced the following: “I want France to become the country of startups. The country which is considered to be a startup. An entrepreneur is a new France”

Future of the world will be governed not by the globalization but by technology. We believe as humans that the future has to be better than today. When thinking about the future, we hope for a technological progress. Level of progress is measured not only by constantly growing productivity but, intrinsically, is an exponential acceleration of the development. Development itself can be of the two types: global or exponential. As an example of global development, China`s plan of development is to become the duplicate of the USA. To reach this, the Chinese are copying everything that exists in the developed countries. The other type is exponential development, in other words, the scientific progress or technology.

It`s the private company of the technology entrepreneur Elon Musk that made the first in the world impactful recurrent mother missile launch. Take also into an account, that none of the other leading outer-space countries has reached such success, even NASA.

What does it mean for the USA and for the world at large?

Models of the modern countries are out-of-date, they work slowly, and they hold an interest in avoiding risk. They would rather pay for the consequences, than make efforts to be more decisive and look ahead in the long term. Models of modern countries along with their politicians are afraid of the future and frequently plunge into populism. Technology pioneers have the edge over the politicians of the past due to vision of the future. Innovators are active and initiative, they fight tooth and nail, using their possibilities for the sake of the great idea, they are brave for they are taught to face the challenges and venturousness, as well as these people like no one else are devoted to the idea of stride.

Thinking about technologies taking place in 20 years, we are guided by the progress of the last 20 years. Linear thinking is inherent to us. A person thinking exponentially will be able to predict more precisely the development of the nearest 20 years taking into consideration the current rate of the progress. The average development speed between 1990 and 2010 is considerably higher, than it was between 1950 and 1980. According the researchers, all the achievements of the last century could be put into 20 years at the rate of 2000 year development. Following the same logic, similar summary result of the new achievements will have recurred by 2021, which is only in 7 years.

New technologies are developing so rapidly, that they are surpassing the laws and governments. Being a world leader, the USA should realize that challenges of the future will be of a considerably larger scale than they were before. Overcoming such endurance will only be within the power of the politicians of their own free will, technology entrepreneurs, who are conscious and committed to the idea of the smart management of both the country and Earth resources for the human benefit.

If the United States is aiming to continue being the world leader, the guarantor of global security and peace as well as to remain competitive in future, they have to defer to the people`s opinion, consider and think far ahead.

Dave Pell Matt Higginson Christina Reynolds eve peyser inna raykhman