Batuangus sebgai foreground Gamalama, 2011.

Saya menikmati kelezatan Biapong sambil menunggu matahari terbenam di Pelabuhan Ampana, Sulawesi Tengah, Selasa (1/3/2011). Foto by Alwi.

The first observatory in Tomohon, established by Dutch in 1950. Photo taken in 2011.

I stand in front of one of the crater in Colo volcano, Gulf Tomini, 2011.

Kie Matubu, seen from Fort Tolukko in Ternate, 2011.

“Our island is shaped like a heart because this is the centre of the earth, the heart of our life.”

Lumbi-lumbia local-resident told the story to his son.

“This is the place where we start our civilization.”

Anton Jo

Journalist. This is my personal blog.

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