Being Black Means We Have to be 200% Better
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

As a white guy to everyone —stop this shit about races and ethical groups. It’s 21 century, dammit. Humanity is an idea and no matter who you are, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, {insert more here}, we all have shared problems we need to solve fast. Like we don’t have other problems on this planet like diseases. All this shit seems like some childish game “our group is cooler and better than your group”. But it’s not a game, it’s more like an indicator of uneducated dogmatic mind, don’t you think? Don’t play this game, not worth it. Not fun at all.

Think for a minute why those artificial wars continue —because someone uses it for its own good. Journalists, for example, make money from ads using sensational titles like this and people are hooked because it seems cool to be somehow different and belong to some group but it’s not. Not in that sense.

Just stop and think for a minute. Turn on some reasoning and you’ll never be the same again. For good.