So Ambiguous “Remote Work” Term. Let’s Create The Right Terminology!

Are you tired of ambiguous remote work vacancies? I am. “Remote work” term could really have different meanings and RemoteOK is not OK sometimes.

Quick personal example. Some company on public Slack channel searched for a software engineer. I wrote a letter asking about remote work. They said it’s a “RemoteOK” vacancy. “Hurray!”, I thought. Then they suddenly stopped answering at all and reformulate their vacancy “RemoteOK for only the US applicants”.

Duh… that’s a bummer because I’m living outside the US. That was exactly my face:

The world is a big and connected place right now so I suggest using this terminology:

  • IRO — International Remote OK.
  • TRO — Timezone (nearby, +4 or -4 hours) Remote OK.
  • CRO — Country Remote OK.

This should remove ambiguity.

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