There is so much to do! If you’re building an empire you know by now that you should be focusing on those things that only you can do.

This is top of mind for me because I’m currently reading:

How do you reconcile those two facts when you are the one who has to navigate interested leads through to contract sign-off?

Here are 5 things I’ve learned to have more efficient meetings.

2) Forget about your agenda

Agendas are good for if things get off track, but are useless when you are meeting with someone who is trying to get at a specific set of…


I recently completed a 360 degree business analysis. It was a gruelling process but the most important take away hit me like a tonne of bricks: my entire investment portfolio, whether it’s the IP developed or the ideas and businesses invested in or the products and services of the Brands I’m involved in… they all have one singular trait: B2B. I’ve inadvertently become an expert at enabling dreams and ideas and projects by putting together qualified teams and managing them.

So I have learned that B2B is my niche... and I LOVE it! I’m currently in the process of diversifying…

Eight years ago, I began a personal brand-hacking experiment that continues to this day.

Where I’m from, if you were to put Steve Jobs in his typical attire next to John Brown in a suit, we will choose John Brown each time, especially if you are trading in digital products and services.

In my early days I chose to be my “authentic self”, a phrase which is now in vogue. I dressed for comfort vs looks, I kept my hair and beard how I wanted, instead of what was expected, and I prioritised my wants in my business interactions.


At some point in growing your business, you need to make these tough, mutually exclusive decisions.

The First Decision

The first decision to go into business is fairly straightforward. You see an opportunity that you have the skillset to take advantage of. You note that the other players aren’t doing it like you could and therefore you know that you can add value.

Great. Start the business.

The Second Decision

The business grows and newer opportunities present themselves. You have brought on other skilled persons to share the workload. You may also have brought on some administrative specialists. However you notice that when you’re managing the team resources, planning out the budgets, fielding calls from clients…

If you want a harvest in one year, grow a crop. If you want a
harvest in ten years, grow trees. If you want a harvest that will last a lifetime, grow people.

Most consultants I know inevitably reach the stage in their professional growth where they want to make a meaningful contribution to society and possibly be known for something other than just making money. Some call it philanthropy or social responsibility but essentially it boils down to connecting to something bigger than commercial pursuit. The first choice at this juncture is usually mentorship, after all it’s basically the same thing as consulting.


Let’s do a deep dive into this question, and focus on 3 of the 12 major differences between a Consultant and a Mentor. …

Anton Shepherd

Passionate about the intersection between humans and technology.

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