We were confused among creating something that would work out of the box for a merchant, something that developers would LOVE, and something that has defined itself by being superior in connecting to other systems, exchanging data, and being extendable with modules that actually work together without conflicts.

In parallel guys researched faster DB options and it was not until few days later, when we defined the “purchase decision” for our product as the moment, when you realise that none of the available options would work for your business out of the box and you need customization.

Customisation — is when developers come into play and we believe nowadays tech guys like us have a say into choosing appropriate platform for a business.

And what tech guys, developers want? Why would they suggest to use our solution?

Code base — is our simple answer!

Code base is where developers spend their entire day, so if we can make the code base they enjoy being immersed — we get them on board happy and productive!

We decided that we want to make a platform that will win tech guys hands down because so far it will be the first and the only one taking the joy of developers’ work as the non-compromise architectural principle!

And what merchants would get then?

First, they will get motivated, happy and loyal developers that will choose to work for them because the code base is the place, where developers are spending their days. And they would naturally love to work for projects built on the platform that was built having in mind their joy.

Second, they get the speed of serving the pages to the customer that current SQL based platforms are missing so much, it is 50% page load increase on average.

Third, they get a platform designed in the era of mobile, internet of things, conversational commerce with innovative interfacing solutions to connect to your customers in ever evolving new channels and platforms.

Fourth, pre-built gateways to connect to an ecosystem of 3rd parties that help you to collect advanced analytics, fight fraud, source product data from PIM, enable omni-channel experienced by connecting to 360 degrees CRMs and so much more!

And fifth is an extension marketplace with curated selection of extensions that are code-reviewed and tested to pass platform wide unit tests. We know how merchants suffer from extensions that break their stores and have a plan to make sure there will be only memories of this as of an early start.

In the end, a merchant is the ultimate beneficiary. Yet, it is the natural result, when a business owner enables a development team with the technology that actually allows to deliver these great results in a predictable manner with a joy at work!