Konstantins has approached me during autumn of 2015 and asked if we are going to work on a next generation eCommerce platform that was once announced as a strategic goal of our company. I had a dozen of on-going operational issues buzzling in my mind at that moment, yet, we usually say “yes” to any initiative of our colleagues cause these initiatives have been driving us forward for years. So, I said something like why not and asked to write up a manifesto to share with colleagues and see, if people are interested.

After manifesto was published on company’s SpeakUp, we had the largest discussion since the one about somebody misused the office coffee machine. Then Raivis joined supporting the vision and building on top of that.

Konstantins and Raivis are in their early 20-ies, we work together for more than 5 years. Konstantins joined our company after being solo developer in cloning Groupon-like site. In 2012 he pioneered adoption of Laravel in our company persuading the team of seasoned developers to use Laravel 2 for a custom project.

Raivis is #1 socially likeable guy in our 120 people company. In a recent social group study he scored highest as a person to go for advice, go out, go lunch, be team-lead and be teamed together. Both Raivis and Konstantins have been behind our most complex projects and have been involved into dozens, if not hundreds of Magento projects since 2009.

I joined their team because being CEO and founder of Scandiweb fills my agenda with “making sure things work out well” rather than creating something completely new like I used to do some 10 years back. In the end of 2015 I was pondering on how I can contribute most to the future of Scandiweb and our team and figured out that joining Konstantins and Raivis has the biggest possible benefit for the company, it is uber exciting, and it is finally doing something new from scratch! I was as excited about this project as an IT guy can possibly be! And our excitement did not vanish away during months that we had to wait till we could free out the guys from their projects — the first on-line car dealership and first Magento-MeteorJS mobile app.

The start date was 8th of February 2015. We met at 10am and started to figure out what we are going to create, for whom, and why we believe it will be better than current options.

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