ART & PIXELS. How to catch a launching rocket and find a worthy NFT project !!!

Hello dear GENIASE fans, today I want to talk about art and pixels. First, what is art? My definition is the totality of a person’s talents, expressed in one or another artistic form. So, we can assume that the dick painted on the fence is also art, it’s just that the person who painted this had only enough talent for such art.

In the same way, NFTs, hundreds of thousands of people who saw a way to make money quickly, suddenly turned into “artists” and “financiers”, the market was flooded with various pixelated pictures promising to bring crazy money to their owners. Homegrown DeFi companies are on top, everyone is happy!!! But as always, but: the regulation of the cryptocurrency market is inevitable, and as soon as you have to pay a lot more taxes, 90% of the companies will simply disappear (by this time they will already earn enough), and your money will merge with them!!! For your information, most NTFs are centralized, and they have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies and are centralized on the Open Sea platform, which is quite aggressive and hides addresses, so sometimes when you scan your NTFs on the Ethereum blockchain, you just won’t see them. If something happens to the platform, you will lose your NTF !!!

But it’s a completely different matter for #GENIACE , they use the IPFS system, which means that your NTF is stored in a distributed ledger with nodes, that is, in the blockchain and will not go anywhere while the FLOW network is working, and this already makes #GENIACE attractive for the collection. You won’t worry that one fine sunny morning your NTF will disappear or turn into crappy emoji. Agree, this is a big plus for GENIACE.

It is also worth considering NTF in terms of aestheticism and aesthetic pleasure that you get when observing a collectible item. Here, of course, the taste and color, there are no comrades. But based on modern realities and the market, the most sought after and expensive to collect are works of art in traditional design. It’s reasonable to assume that as the metaverse evolves, most people will own property (apartments, penthouses, houses) in it, and they need to be decorated accordingly. And personally, I chose the #GENIACE style for myself: refined NFT in a traditional way, but made in cutting-edge quality, beautifully designed with the perfect selection of colors and shades.

The artists GENIASE collaborates with are some of the best in the industry. The collections they have designed bring us back to the sweet moments we had when we were young: the first explosion in chemistry class and the sexy chemistry teacher instilled in me a strong interest in science and inventions. I look forward to the release of the #GENIACE NFT collection. ICONS OF INVENTOR’S Einstein and Marie Curie will perfectly complement my collection of science and space, and for many it can become a good motivator for new ideas and achievements.

Many will want to purchase the #GENIACE NFT from the RAP IDOL’S collection with images of the legendary Tupac, Notorious Big or Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, while remembering the carefree youth when this music sounded on every corner and the sea was knee-deep, and hot blood splashed out from a broken nose in a ruthless street fight, but then you did not feel pain, you were happy because you won.

Nature lovers have a chance to make a direct, personal contribution to nature conservation and renovation by acquiring the #GENIACE NFT from the WWF collection, which features endangered species such as the Malaysian Tiger (relevant this year), Giant Panda, Whale Shark and Snow Leopard; All funds raised from the sale of the WWF #GENIASE collection will be transferred to save endangered species.

Movie fans and fans of the James Bond movie saga will be pleased with the collection about the legendary spy, created in the best traditions of Bond and representing the coolest Bonds (Pierce Brosnan is the first of the coolest Bonds for me). Summing up, I would like to once again draw attention to the fact that #GENIASE NFT is the TRUE DECENTRLIZE NFT that will remain with you no matter what.

In order to participate in the first sale of #GENIASE NFT on January 18 15:00 (GMT), join us on the discord and Twitter @heygeniace. In the next review, we will get to know the team and their plans for this year. Good luck everyone, take care of yourself and be a GENIACE.




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