On January 18, the #GENIACE team presented the first #MANEKI Metal Collections on its marketplace. The collection featured 27 rare and ultra-rare #MANEKI figurines. 4 gold, 4 silver, 9 bismuth, and 10 plutonium (my favorites) collection was sold for 5 minutes !!! 3 #MANEKIs were given away the day after the sale, and 120 regular #MANEKI went to members of the Twitter and discord community who took part in one of the many airdrops hosted by #GENIACE

Why exactly #MANEKI was chosen for the presentation of #GENIACE? I think everything is very simple: since ancient times, MANEKI has been known as a symbol that brings good luck to its owner. There is a wonderful legend about #MANEKI Legend of the Gotokuji Temple
In the history of the Gotokuji temple, it is said that in 1615 the abbot of the temple sheltered a stray cat. The temple was in a deplorable state, but there was no money for repairs and worthy maintenance. Once the abbot complained: “Kiska, I don’t blame you for not helping, after all, you are just a cat. Now, if you were a man, then you could do something for us.” Shortly thereafter, the daimyō (prince) of the principality of Hikone Ii Naotaka (1590–1659) passed by the temple, returning with glory from a military campaign. Suddenly a heavy downpour began, it was dark, and the prince took refuge under a huge tree. The prince would not have noticed the temple gates if it were not for the cat sitting by them, beckoning him with its paw. As soon as the prince approached the cat, lightning struck the tree, smashing it to pieces. In the temple, the prince was met by the abbot. The wise monk and what happened made an impression on the prince, and he gave funds to restore the monastery, which then became the ancestral temple of the Ii family. The temple has survived to this day and holds a ceremony dedicated to its “cat benefactor” in early spring, in connection with which Maneki-Neko is sold in one of the temple buildings.
A very successful symbol for the start isn’t it.

You can join the community here:
View available MANEKI here

So, what are these #NFT MANEKs and what are they !!! In addition to the undoubted collectible (this is evidenced by the current prices for #MANEKI) and artistic value, the Maneki has several additional advantages.
All #MANEKI owners automatically receive early access to all subsequent collections. Which, as #GENIACE promises, will come out every two weeks and I’m sure they will be sold out as quickly as the first one. Shortly, the release of 4 collections is planned, which I will dwell on a little later.
Also, at the start, the release of the $GENI coin of the #GENIACE own currency, where the possession of #MANEKI will also not be superfluous to participate in the presale. Here you can see the total number of tokens and their distribution:

In addition to everything, the $#NFT staking program will be launched, which will certainly provide an excellent opportunity to earn money for all #GENIACE NFT holders, and especially #MANEKI holders !!! Following their roadmap,# GENIACE has big plans for the future (and not without thorough ones) !!! Since the people united in the#GENIACE team are: talented, purposeful, and have the necessary knowledge base for the implementation of such projects.

The founder and head of #GENIACE, Dene Schonknecht, is a successful leader with over 25 years of experience in the #IT industry. Founder of the mega-popular in Central Asia ace. video platform about celebrities and for celebrities.
For a long time,e he worked at Microsoft and Adobe. He has the widest circle of acquaintances among celebrities and sports stars, which allows him to attract them to interesting projects.

Technical — Director of #GENIACE — a developer with many years of experience, who has created several decentralized applications, among which the world-famous Coin Factory has already attracted 340m. through STO and ICO. His abilities were very useful to the #GENIACE. He is maximally concentrated on the #GENIASE project, which is bearing fruit.

#GENIACE resident artist Ben Salvacion is recognized as one of the best photographers in the Philippines. His works fascinate and touch the depths of the soul with their naturalism and the message that the author is trying to convey.
To our great joy, he is not limited to photography and his influence can be traced in the following #GENIACE collections.

Well, Finn Schonknecht, a young but already quite experienced crypto enthusiast who graduated with honors from Dublin City University, was appointed responsible for the final result. It is to him that we owe the final appearance of #MANEKI. Therefore, he deserves special respect and recognition for the fact that (I’m sure there were serious debates) he defended just such #MANEKI !!!

But back to the upcoming collections. It is still not entirely clear which one of the 4 will be (my guess is Rap Idols because celebrities are well-known and everyone loves music), and this will also achieve maximum effect and resonance.

Jols Luominen is a talented young artist from the Philippines who started painting at a young age, thanks to a wise mother who was able to discern and develop the child’s phenomenal artistic talent.
Over time, he became cramped within one style and he began to experiment trying to combine several styles into a homogeneous structure. And these experiments sometimes brought new, unexpected creative results, which are also used in the creation of the collection. As a result of his creative searches and experiments, we will be able to plant in the Rap Idols collection.

In the #WWF collection, nature lovers will get acquainted with the wonderful works of the already mentioned Ben Salvacion. And they will have a wonderful opportunity to support the #WWF by acquiring the #NTF from the #WWF collection because all the funds raised will go to save the endangered species of the animal world depicted on the #NTF such as the Giant Panda, Snow Leopard, Whale Shark and, Malayan Tiger.

All lovers of science and the history of inventions will be interested in the INVENTORS collection. It will feature the greatest minds of mankind, people who, thanks to their ideas and inventions, changed the world Einstein, Marie-SkladowskaSklodowska many others no less significant.

Also, #GENIACE did not forget about movie fans when planning a collection about the legendary playboy and spy James Bond collection, which will bring together the brightest representatives of the movie saga.

Summing up, we can say that#GENIACE, without exaggeration, can be called the most promising project at FLOW. Which will unite collectors of the elite #NFT (which #MANEKI in particular and #GENIACE NFT in general are) on the #GENIACE marketplace. Until we meet again!!! We are waiting for new collections !!!!!



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