The ONE and 119 Other Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Picture representing Michelangelos painting The Creation of Adam

How many times have you read an article or a book, that basically states, that if you just change one “crucial” thing in your habits, viewpoint or doing, you are going almost inexorably reach ultimate success in business, health, relationship or life overall. Probably many more times than enough. The appeal of easy quick fix is just too strong, because who wouldn´t want to find that magic bullet that would change everything for the better at once. We humans are just naturally overly hopeful, which is certainly great feature, until it´s time to actually reach those goals that you or someone else have set for you to achieve. Sadly market driven society also favours and encourage even experts to produce inconceivable amounts of simplified and overly sripped “dumbed down” information for masses about almost everything that really matters. That´s because that is what sells, and it sells, since it serves those inner desires of limitless hopefulness and weaknesses for wanting to feel smart. In reality, feeling smart is rarely equal with being smart. Thorough answering to why it´s like that would be too long to write here, so in order to do so, I´ll explain it indirectly in a way that you can figure out the answer yourself.

In short, any adult can increase personal intelligence significantly, but to do so is definitely not easy, plus it takes years. The statement of enhacing adults intelligence is basically against the current scientific view, which states that adults intelligence level is mostly determined by genes, ergo passively.

In 2014 I decided to immerse for more than two years into the subject of human intelligence, and eventually ended up writing a 880 pages long book called in finnish languague Älykkyys (intelligence). For my biggest surprise didn´t come the fact that it´s actually already proven in countless studys that human intelligence is fluid throughout lifespan, but rather that how can it be that entire branch of science can be so lost after over 100 years of hard work, and that the results that it has produced are interpreted conversely.

Human intelligence might be right now one of the most important topics of all, because without understanding it, we don´t have much chances in creating AI superior to humans, that would lead eventually to technological singularity aka creation of God.

Biggest misunderstandings that science now have about human intelligence or intelligence overall, is that it is thought to be “one thing” or that it has a one common nominator in all intelligent prosesses. Actually it strongly seems that intelligence has many different types which function fluently together through or “in” counsciousness.

You might be familiar with work of Howard Gardner who has stated that there is 8 types of human intelligence. In my own research I ended up finding as many as 28 different types of intelligence that humans are already capable to possess. In intelligence overall, when we take in account AI´s or yet unknown alien lifeforms, the types of intelligence could easily surpass 100. But also for humans the not so far away transhumanist future might create or reveal new intelligence types, in a same way like musical or linguistic abilitys got actualized when homo sapiens got smarter.

Knowing and analyzing the skill level of specific intelligence type makes it theoretically easyer to develop it. Of course in order to actually improve the level, you need also to know how to improve it. The thumb rule for increasing intelligence is to be exposed with ascending “difficulty level” mostly to factors that increase intelligence and avoid the intelligence “reducers” as best one can.

Like I said before, the statement that adults can increase their intelligence levels substantially is against the grain of science, even though for example Flynn effect proves that environmental factors determine imperatively the average level of intelligence in any nation.

So if you want to increase your intelligence, you just have to fuck the science that in this matter lags decades behind itself, and try yourself what works and what not, since in the science the Earth is de facto still flat in the matter of human intelligence, and anyone who tells otherwise is considered a wicked exorcist that ought to be burnt in bonfire.

In order to increase your intelligence I´m not going to reveal you only one magic thing that is going to make all the difference for once and for all, but total of 120 different factors that all potentially have some effect in the big picture of forming your intelligence level.

Remember also that intelligence factors are not equal between each other and that they affect the intelligence types in many different ways and in different time frames.

So ladies and gentlemen, here they are:

Positive factors:

  1. Self-reliant thinking
  2. Mastery of language
  3. University studies
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Reading
  6. Sleeping sufficiently
  7. Wholesome diet
  8. Writing
  9. Ambition
  10. Smart company
  11. Resting
  12. Games
  13. Drawing
  14. Creative making
  15. Having sex
  16. Musicality
  17. Studuying (other than university)
  18. Use of several languagues
  19. Money
  20. Being goal and plan oriented
  21. Self-discipline
  22. Being up-to-date
  23. Superfoods
  24. I´m smart attitude
  25. Self-help
  26. Positivity
  27. Sociality
  28. Meditation
  29. Philosophy
  30. Good health
  31. Mathematics
  32. Neighbourhood
  33. Demanding occupation
  34. Being alone
  35. Intimate relationship
  36. Challenges
  37. Travelling
  38. Using technology
  39. Being in verge state of mind
  40. Meeting new people
  41. Doing new things
  42. Teaching
  43. Exposition to Art
  44. Public performing
  45. Societal order
  46. Being organised
  47. Time management
  48. Close friendships
  49. Psychedelics
  50. Support from others
  51. Parenthood
  52. Perfectionism
  53. Thinking techniques
  54. Curiosity
  55. Memory training
  56. Ideation
  57. Skepticism
  58. Accepting criticism
  59. Contentment (“happiness”)
  60. Variation in intelligence factors (also in negative)

Negative factors:

  1. Stress
  2. Narrow thinking
  3. Intense emotionality
  4. Person focused worldview
  5. Abuse of medicine
  6. Alcohol
  7. Narcotics
  8. Obsessive behavior
  9. Multitasking
  10. Smoking
  11. Poor diet
  12. Sleep deprivation
  13. Obesity
  14. Poverty
  15. Dull company
  16. Waching television
  17. Indifferet attitude
  18. Superficiality
  19. Negativity
  20. Constant acts of delegation
  21. Indetermination
  22. Lack of education
  23. Extreme religiousness
  24. I´m stupid attitude
  25. Bad beliefs
  26. Spending too much time on the internet
  27. Spectator sport
  28. Menial occupation
  29. Excessive partying
  30. Being single
  31. Military
  32. Illness attitude
  33. Following yellow journalism
  34. Isolating oneself
  35. Porn
  36. Excessive sociality
  37. Unemployment
  38. Being exposed to mold
  39. Excessive gaming
  40. Excessive working
  41. Exposure to harmful chemicals
  42. Air pollutants
  43. Noise
  44. Excessive shopping
  45. Caffeine
  46. Getting kids too early
  47. Laziness
  48. Being stuck in routines
  49. Weak senses
  50. Societal disorders
  51. Being bullyed
  52. Physical brain damage
  53. Shift work
  54. Being out of shape
  55. Culture
  56. Traumas form childhood
  57. Unimaginativeness
  58. Being hidebound
  59. Depression
  60. Hot temperatures

This list of 120 different intelligence factors doesn´t include all possible intelligence factors, but rather illustrates the idea of what kind of things cause certain level of human intelligence.

By the way my book is published for the time being only in finnish, so if you happen to know any potential publisher outside of Finland that could be interested in this kind of book, then please contact me directly.