What’s new in Avionero 1.0

Anton Tyulenev
Dec 30, 2019 · 3 min read

When we launched our first public beta on 25th January 2018 we had a system that was slow, buggy and quite basic — but we did have the ability to search for flexible dates, to show that we indeed had the technology to do so.

Avionero Beta (January 2018)

We then spent 2018 developing what we called our “core search features”, covering up all the most common but still in the market poorly supported search scenarios.

Now we could say we have all our main search functionality covered. And that’s why we release a full version of Avionero — 1.0

Our team worked extremely hard and devoted, so we’ve successfully launched it on 26th December.

Anywhere search

In Avionero our ultimate goal is to help people to find the best flight in just one search, even if they had a very fuzzy knowledge of their request or even no knowledge at all. As Lars formulated it well, “the only required thing to start a search should be your origin. The rest you could leave blank if you are unsure.”

So with Avionero 1.0 we’ve almost reached that goal.
Now it’s possible to search literally anywhere and get best flights:

Search to Anywhere

Weather / Activity search

From the very first pitch to investors we’ve been referring to these pretty common scenarios, that people described us.

“I want to go somewhere in Europe for a weekend trip, visit some museums and castles”. Or “I want to go skiing somewhere it’s cold enough. I have a couple of free weeks in February”. Or “It would be great to go to Asia, to the beach, where it’s not that hot”.

All of these we’ve could be separated into several tags or “themes”, as we call it. “Weekend trip, Europe, Museums, Castles”. “Skiing, Cold”. “Asia, Beach, Warm”.

So we did it. Now you could simply select the themes you prefer and Avionero will find you the best flights based on your requests.

Different travel scenarios

Behind this functionality the are millions of possible combinations and huge computing work. But thanks to our search engine which our guys were developing for the last two years and Lars’ deep knowledge of artificial intelligence — it’s now possible.


We have refreshed our look&feel and improved the user experience.

You will see major updates on mobile where we have re-done the way you navigate the site.

The mobile flow was complete re-done

What’s next

Now, we still have a lot of things to do. A mobile app, multi-route search, luggage information, etc.

But first, we need to get your feedback on what we’ve built! Does it help you to solve your travel scenario? Are we missing something important? Do you want a light color scheme? :)

Tell us! hello@avionero.com

Lars and I read it very carefully and always grateful for any feedback.

Until the next updates!

// avionero.com

Anton Tyulenev

Written by

Avionero co-founder, Product designer

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