What we have here is an orchestrated effort by Russia, a hostile foreign power, to undermine American democracy and prop up Donald Trump. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy involved complex espionage and coordinated propaganda campaigns designed to damage Hillary Clinton, chipping away at her support from both the far-left and far-right of the political spectrum.
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To The Trump-Russia Investigation
Ahmed Baba

Sounds like a cold war propaganda, “a hostile foreign power”, what a joke. Not mentioning “celebrating Kremlin”, am I reading another Soviet time Hollywood movie script or actually serious article? I really wanted to read a serious article, but this is just an attempt to add emotional background to affect how we take your facts, known cheap way of manipulation. Back in the days this instrument was used to display Native Americans as devils, or educated women as witches, there is no time to think when there is so much hate inside. Stop hate, start thinking.

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