Do not read this if you think gratitude is BS

My alarm rang this morning at 8AM; it was way too early for me this time and I wanted to stay at least 1h more under the blanket. I did not. I used the little will I had to get out of bed.

I usually do a breathing exercise first thing in the morning. I thought to myself this is really BS and wanted to skip that part altogether. I did not. I used the little will I had to do 3 breathing cycles and 15 push-ups.

Right after my breathing exercise, I usually have a cold shower. Problem was that I was still in this kind of lethargic state when you woke up too early and feel cold. I thought I’d die if I took a cold shower at that very moment and wanted to go for that warm shower that feels so good on your skin. I did not. I started with a somewhat cold shower to warm up (hmm does that make sense?) and finished with 2mn of freezing water. Really freezing.

I thought I was really dumb with my stupid routine and deserved a good breakfast to compensate for all the silly efforts I had just done; especially since the latest meal I had gotten was the day before at 4pm. “Seriously, this intermittent fasting thing is BS” I thought. They have this nice mini sandwich at the local cafe; I’ll order that! But I did not. Instead I ordered a black coffee, and added some coconut oil to go through the morning with better mental focus.

I walked for 30mn to the office; sat at my desk and a few minutes after I started answering some emails, one of the nicest employees I have in the studio told me he was leaving the company; and there was no way to keep him since he would earn more than 3 times what I was paying him. I pictured that all the other employees would do the same soon and I was just a bad manager since I’m not able to keep my people without offering the same high salaries than other European countries. I thought maybe I should just do something else. Like quit everything and be a writer. Or a farmer. Or maybe open a restaurant. But I did not. Instead I just went through the day and did everything I could to be the best manager I could.

I was back home at 9:30PM; ate a cheap dinner (rice and beans topped with guacamole) and went for my evening shower. Usually after such a day I just feel like I want to sleep asap so that it’s already tomorrow and I can forget about that bad day.

But tonight was different. As the hot water was running on my body, I felt like everything was alright. This might sound silly after all that happened to me, but I was smiling.

I remembered I have a wife (and a cute cat) that I love and that I will meet soon again (yes we are separated for now, but that’s another story). I have an awesome job in an industry were FUN is the ultimate goal. I am healthier and fitter than 10 years ago when I was 25.

I could have skipped all my daily routines, complained about my job for the whole day and messed up with my diet eating comfort food. But I did not. Instead I ended this day on a positive note, and I wanted to share it with you. Cause if there is one thing I learned this year, it’s that bad things cannot hurt you if you are grateful for the good things you already have. 10 years ago, I was thinking that the most negative and cynical people were the best ones; ‘cause nothing could hurt them since they were so negative already.

But I was wrong. To really enjoy life, you can’t let negativity guide you. I now understand that the best way to live life is to embrace it fully, and treat negative moments for what they are actually: temporary moments. Just like happy moments. That’s the impermanence of life, and exactly what makes it so amazing.

Of course you can think all the negative things you want about this post. But just the fact that you read it until the end is already enough for me to be happy about it.


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