Size does matter (for supplements)

People usually look funny at me when I tell them I take about 10 supplement pills everyday. The best comment being the one of my mother-in-law’s italian husband: “E un insulto ai malati! / This is an insult to all the sick people”.

Honestly I don’t really enjoy swallowing all these pills, but this is also the only way to get some nutrients I would not get otherwise.

Take for instance vitamin D: unless you work on the beach, chances are very low you get enough of this. Why? Because vitamin D is produced by your body when it is exposed to the sun. And since I spend 90% of my time indoor, I would definitely have a vitamin D deficit without my supplements.

So maybe, reading this, you’re going to decide to buy some pills too. But problem is, they all come in different “sizes”: 400 IU,1000 IU, 2000 IU, 5000 IU etc… So if you don’t pay attention to the “size” at all, you might end up taking way too little of it, or way too much! (BTW the right amount should be 5000 IU, that you can then adjust depending on your weight).

Or take my best friend when I am travelling and jetlagged (or just when I “jetlagged” myself too much during the week end by going to bed too late): melatonin. It helps telling your brain it’s time to go to bed.

Once again, you will find all kinds of dosage: 2mg, 3mg, 5mg, 10mg… but you might think: “Whatever… if these guys suggest this dosage, it means that this is the right one”. Right? Well, nope.

Cause what happens is that the actual right dosage is between 0.3 and 1mg. But then, why can’t you find this dosage at your local GNC? cause the MIT has got a patent on anything below 1mg. But see no evil here: the guys at MIT were actually doing research on this, and found out that melatonin was a good sleep aid as long as the dosage was below 1mg. So I guess they deserved the right to patent their discovery.

But now what happens is that all the other companies making melatonin decided they did not want to pay any royalty to the MIT. So they just need to sell pills with a stronger dose. Who cares if instead of sleeping better you get insomnia right? As long as they make money, they’re fine with this…

So, when you buy supplements, even these are supposed to help you stay healthy, please really do pay attention to the “size” of what you’ll be ingesting. Cause what was supposed to be good for you could turn real bad. And in that case, you’d end up sick (that would be a double insult to all the sick people!)

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