Sombrero Galaxy.:)

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Today let’s discuss about a Galaxy,

And It’s a beautiful one…

The Sombrero Galaxy

Credits: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Ok Guys, So The Sombrero Galaxy also known as Messier 104, M104, or

NGC 4594 is a Peculiar Galaxy of unclear classification. It is one of the most extensive mosaics ever assembled from Hubble observations. The center of M104 is considered home to a massive black hole. The galaxy is located 28 million light-years away in the Constellation Virgo. The galaxy has an apparent magnitude of +8.0, making it easily visible with amateur telescopes,

The Sombrero Galaxy has a rich system of Global Clusters, Estimated to be nearly 2,000 in number — 10 times more than the number of globular clusters in our Milky Way galaxy. The ages of the clusters are similar to those in the Milky Way, ranging from 10–13 billion years old. It has a mass that is equal to 800 billion suns. It is one of the most massive objects in the Virgo galaxy cluster. M104 was discovered in 1781 by the French astronomer and comet hunter Pierre Méchain, one of Charles Messier’s colleagues. It has a diameter of 49000 light-years.

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