Metropolitan Museum of Manila (Midterm Project)

TAPAS Exhibit inside Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Our midterm project in AESTHET class is to visit another museum which is the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and create a reflection or a critique about how things went inside the museum and what can you say about the exhibits displayed.

Exhibits inside TAPAS section

On the Tapas Exhibit, all things displayed was originated from Spanish ways of living and its really astonishing that the Philippines was able to do what their ways, cuisine and habits can with a little twist of Filipino style.

The difference is that their ways of living should be as classy as possible also practice proper etiquette at all time compare to us who doesn’t mind about the proper style of eating. For us, food is food as long as it fills up our stomach.

Bodegones Exhibit inside Metropolitan Museum of Manila

In Bodegones Exhibit, I saw a lot of different kinds of fruits and houses in different styles of art. There is one art form that got my attention and its the giant wooden ant in the end of the exhibit.

In the Philippines Contemporary Exhibit, the security told me that I can’t take pictures all you have to do is look. There is this exhibit where it looks like an army of ants climbing in a wall which tells me that no matter how hard it is to get to the top it will be easy as long as you got a helping hand by your side. The second exhibit I saw was an old jukebox that tells me without these things in the past, EDM and other genres of music will not exist today. Last exhibit I saw was a statue of a naked lady which tells me that a lady’s body is very sacred that no one should violate and it should be respected.

TAPAS Exhibit with me

My previous visit in the National museum was the artworks and exhibits displayed are country’s treasures and dating it from the beginning to the latest while the Metropolitan museum has different kinds of theme where one exhibit has to do with all kinds of food and how to prepare and the things use to prepare those and other theme where all about the artworks of what is the artists view about Philippine culture.

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