Why Data Science and where to?

Antony Paulson Chazhoor
Jun 7 · 3 min read
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Defining purpose with clarity is the single most important step towards building anything. Be it a career, a project, an investment or even a marriage, a well defined purpose provides meaning to them. Eventually at a point in time when we feel lost in our project, it always helps to remember this purpose to drive us forward.

I entered Data Science without clearly defining my purpose. Even though I mechanically covered a reasonable distance in my journey, recently I had a deep impulse to define my goals and document my purpose. Better now than never right?

I asked my self three basic questions:

  1. Why Data Science?
  2. Where do I want to apply my Data Science knowledge?
  3. What are my strengths?

My Why:

Past experiences have also coincidentally been my best teachers. The amount of knowledge that experiences impart is unparalleled. My experiences are the first thing that I rely on before making any decision. Data Science in a similar manner involves training/teaching a machine using well established statistical methods to identify patterns in recorded past data and find applications to aid in real time decision making.

This very aspect of finding insights from experiences and applying them to find solutions to current & future problems is fascinating and something that I deeply relate to.

My Where:

Computational capacities of machines have dramatically increased. Vast oceans of data can now be processed with relatively amazing efficiency. This also means that deeper insights into problems that we as humans have collectively been dealing with are a possibility. This is a gift that we never had before.

Problems relating to diseases, education, environment, wildlife etc. can now be analyzed much more rigorously, which I believe would lead to novel solutions.

I am constantly pushed from within my soul to ethically apply my data science knowledge towards solving such problems.

My What:

My skills that I bring into this field and the things that I strive to constantly improve upon are my strengths. I am both an engineer and a business graduate, this education nurtured and brought out in me the ability to clearly communicate my points to a wide audience (tech or non-tech). I possess sound technical knowledge and am constantly trying to improve on technical skills relavant to Data Science like programming languages(Python, R), visualization tools( Tableau, matplotlib, seaborn), Statistics, deep learning frameworks(tensorflow, keras) etc. Additionally, being a natural analytical thinker helps me get things in perspective before making decisions.

Last but not least I possess empathy. This is something that it is vital in understanding and relating to problems. This according to me, is my best strength and one that always helps find my call to solve real daunting problems.

These answers are personal and relate only to me. I believe that everyone in this field are responsible to define a clear personal purpose. Answers to these questions have helped me tremendously in finding motivation to keep moving forward. I hope this post helps everyone find their respective why’s too.

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