What your Tesla downpayment actually bought you

This is just a quick note to all the pre-ordered customers whinging about their Tesla Model 3. When you dropped $1000 you weren’t buying a car, you contributed to the research and development in accelerating mankind’s transition to sustainable energy. Yes, there will be delays. Yes, there will be failures. A radical shift in an entire industry wasn’t done in a day. Elon Musk has managed to do in 5 years what Henry Ford probably did in 50. A couple of years ago no one had even heard of the brand, now people are looking at it in the same vein as a Ferrari or Lamborghini (when it comes to performance). If you were so concerned about not paying for petrol that it kept you up at night, nobody stopped you from buying a Nissan or a Toyota, their electric vehicles have been out for years.

Remove your tunnel-vision goggles for a damn second and look at the bigger picture.

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