Columns is the best tool for lists. But from the very beginning, you should only make lists in the app. But what should you do when you have a list somewhere else? Now you can copy a list from anywhere and paste it into Columns:

You can copy even from spreadsheets:

Users always wanted an option to change board icons with emoji. We believe that design in Columns should help to focus and emoji would add unnecessary colorful mess and distraction. So we decided to make our unique icons.

We’ve made 70 icons and we’re gonna make 7 more icons each week. If you need a specific icon just leave a note here.

1. Canceled cards

There is a new option available in Columns—it’s called a Canceled card. There are a few ways to use it: most importantly to track what was canceled. For example, you’re working on naming your project and you have a long list of names that you want to cross out, but don’t want to delete entirely. The “Canceled card” allows to keep track of everything on your list without losing important information.

Also, you can use ‘canceled cards’ as a replacement for checked cards — with this feature you can strike out things from your to-do list.

2. Custom card style

Good news everyone! Columns now have Archive. Multiple archives, actually. But more on this later.

Archive is a place for stuff you want to hide, but don’t want to be deleted. Simple as that. Completed to-dos, long term ideas, or past events — anything you don’t need at the moment you can move to Archive.

Everybody has their list — all the dreams they’d pursue if they only had the time. Certainly, that was the case for us: four long-time friends (David, Daniil, Maria, Anton) and collaborators with demanding jobs (three of us work at Snapchat) and much else on our respective plates.

About six months ago, we decided to do something about it. We set aside one day each week to get together and make some progress on one of our passion projects. As you can imagine, our combined list of ideas was long — so long, in fact, that it took a full…

Sometimes it is necessary to break things down into smaller parts: now we have checklists for that. You can split an individual task into steps, which gives you a nice, clean structure.

Moving things around just got a bit easier in our latest update to Columns. Cards or entire headings (including all of its’ cards) can now be dragged between boards. Simply pick a card and drag it over another board in the sidebar.

Checkboxes in Columns are now more powerful than ever! They represent the current status of your task. No check means ‘To-Do’, half-filled means ‘Doing’, and checked means ‘Done’.

To mark as doing click on checkbox with “Alt” or “Shift” pressed down, or change card’s status from the context menu.

Columns beta is on the air. We were accidentally hunted on product hunt. So we can’t hide anymore.

We’re at the beginning of our journey and will be happy if you join us.

Anton Gladkoborodov

Founder&CEO of Columns

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