I have a hundred followers in MEDIUM!

As less appealing it may sound to writers who have a huge fan-following base, so huge as to have lost interest in counting, it feels to me — myself being in my first milestone — let me guess…like I have done something quite tidy. I did not achieve this in a fortnight, I should also add, particularly when this is such a feat many would consider worthless beyond a week’s persistence and another’s insistence. It took me all of about a year and a half, and more. No, I don’t hear your saying “pathetic disgrace”; I have a number to account for.

I have played my card, but it is true nobody’s word-flow should ever stop because the size of their audience is small. Any piece of art, however, is a spectacle first to be enjoyed and felt by the creator, whence the creator should share what he had witnessed with the world.

I have learned a lot from Medium, and I owe the family I have acquired here — particularly Tre L. Loadholt , who has been with me since what I would consider as my day one — to it. Since the time I wrote my first word here, I know I have grown, more by having acquired a marked perspective towards seeing the world with a poised heart, and having learned a way to place affluent words embedded like literary landmines, than by having had a great time all the way — which I had. If I haven’t yet learned one, one true thing through Medium, then all heart-felt, genuine words of anguish, sorrow, reproach, just sedition, and of course, true love and the pain behind it that have ever been spilt have been so for naught; they haven’t, and I have.

This is a place (although with a very white user-interface) that I think has a deep, black well that would never sputter out what we put in as our worries and rumbles, and an enticing obelisk to hold high the enormity of what we consider gives us satisfaction and remedy. I have seen the lot share what they wouldn’t with their best pals with the Medium family. Besides the fact that a word is well heard when read than heard, I think people choose this community over Facebook to open up because, here, we are free from trollers and their trolls. Here, we make a patient population, ready to hear what others have to say, ready to offer what others want to hear, only pleased when the others are.

This is a place where words are mended to become a greater part of the process. But of course, any platform devoted to contrive art as is in the heart of any creator, without giving the expression or the fear of reproach can become the best place for words. Half the artists who die are the ones who could not take rejection; the other half being the ones subservient to a society with no platforms of exposure.

If you think your writing is too repulsive for the members of Medium, consider revising; if you think your writing is too good for Medium, definitely consider revising. For if you aren’t wrong on both counts, you are either prejudiced with a complex, or you are not too afraid of yourself and what you could devise, about how you could be wrong and sound offensive, how you could simply be endorsing something deceptive.

I thank all my friends here: Tre L. Loadholt , Zev , Ayesha Talib Wissanji among others.

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