Franks, France and Finance

The metropolitan and periphery divide — the abolition of political parties — Paris, you’ve always been good to me.

May 7, the whole world is holding its breath and waiting for the French presidential elections. Another round featuring the two big “global schemes”. While Trump’s camp managed to outwit Hillary and Co, we are in for a another round and France has it’s own version of Hillary, an ex corporate banker, who bursted onto the scene representing the left, initiated legal and economic actions to serve the “establishment” and “corporate setups”, and is now posing in the Middle.

He’s set up to fail, catastrophically, either on a personal and political career level or on a national level. And in case he wins, France will be the modern careerist pretty face: beautiful on the outside, but void, soulless and valueless.

Tracing a trend from Austria last year, Brexit, American and now French elections: it’s not a right versus left anymore, but a different divide.

The Metropolitan-Periphery Divide

The End of History. Francis Fukuyama described the aftermath of the world events of 1989 and the fall of Communism as the End of History. Different from the ‘end of the world’ drama, Fukuyama’s essay rationalized that humanity started a postmodern era and has experienced a paradigm shift.

Nowadays, we are living in a new divide. The Metropolis versus Periphery Divide.

The trend started to take shape in Austria: Hofer was leading in most of the country, while van der Bellen won in the metropolitan areas. The bottom line, van der Bellen was elected president after the “absentee” ballots where counted in a third runoff in December 2016.

Next up, Brexit. Again, metropolitan areas in England voted to stay in the EU, the peripheries voted to leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to stay, but this has to do with other dynamics.

The US Presidential elections. Hillary won in the metropolitan areas, Donald trump covered everything else.

A visible trend started to take shape.

The majority of nationals live in the peripheries. Metropolitan areas, embracing the ugly downside of globalisation, turned into cosmopolitan areas where a Frank is a stranger in Paris, an Scouser is a foreigner in London and Americans from WI see the Big Apple as another planet.

Globalisation brought a myriad of benefits, connecting people and simplifying business; the yang.

But there is a ying. Metropolitan areas are being transformed into pseudo-cities. Valueless, soulless and filled with “cloud companies professionals who left their hot-aired heads” up in the clouds and lost touch of the ground, the values and the roots.

I visited France for the first time 17 years ago. Lyon was warm and loving, pleasant people, a place you could stay in and have a “happy day”. Paris was cold!

In my last trip, barely four months ago, Paris was “freezing cold” and I am not talking about the weather. The warmest thing to experience was the flame beneath the “Arc de Triomphe”. Everything else was different, tasteless, soulless. No matter how modern it gets, Paris will be Paris, always good to me. I will elaborate later.

Now, how to know who is the Metropolitan candidate and who is the one for the Peripheries. Look who gets the most coverage in the main stream media: Van der Bellen, EU stay, Hillary, Macron.

French voters out there, put all the classic political discourse to rest, and make up your mind. The Americans chose to “Make America Great Again”, the Brits elected “Britain first”, the Austrian nationalist movement has taken shape. History is moving in a direction, whether Marine is elected this Sunday or not, the “Front National” is not the Far Right anymore.

The Abolition of Political Parties

The rise of political ideologies last century presented a wide spectrum that varies between individualism and collectivism, capitalism and marxism, globalism and patriotism.

Every ideal has the good, the bad and the ugly sides to it.

Marxism is Utopian and failed due to the greed in human nature. Capitalism is initiative laden, but allowed the big fish to eat the small fish. Globalisation made everyones life easy, but allowed liberals to emerge. We are not talking about the liberals and their currents of thoughts that pulled humanity forward, I am talking about THOSE liberals — or reberals as i like to call them — who got and are getting brainwashed to become civilized “time-bombs”: women who are not good at being women, men who are not good at being men, every other denomination is a mental illness that should be treated with all the empathy of the world.

Liberalism used to describe those who stood up to evil, darkness, inhuman feudal systems and the value of the person as a person. Liberalism (reberalism) today is about being valueless, soulless, money-hungry, power-hungry and the worst of all, attention-hungry.

In most of her movies Angelina Jolie personified the noble, liberal, strong and independent lady with values, guts and willingness to better men at being men. In real life, she married the then-rising star Jonny Miller, then jumped to Billy Bob Thornton when he was priming. As soon as Billy was on the down, she hoocked one of the indutry’s Megastars, earning herself a better seat at the parade. Known for her instability, insatiability, rage outbreaks and egocentricity, Brad Pitt took the bait. He fell into the ‘Good Man/White Knight” trap of nurturing a damaged lady without doing his due diligence. Inevitably, instead of standing by his side and returning his good, Brad’s addictions worsened until Angelina’s latest affair surfaced, and she filed for divorce. Angelina’s new fling allows her to further her political career, now that her looks don’t pay off in acting anymore. Maybe she has her eyes on joining the Royal family in Buckingham and become a MP?

Brad should have left her in Paris, along a pair of old used shoes of his! Being good at being a man is different than being a good man. Brad, brother, you will come good!

Angelina represents what is wrong with the ying ideals of modernity: toxically ambitious, power hungry, attention hungry and egocentric.

Political parties are based on ideals, values and currents of thought. Today, humanity has to chose between “Valueless Metropolitanism” and “Open Nationalism”.

Britain and America have chosen, France you’re up next !

Paris, you’ve always been good to me!

My last trip to Paris was the saddest. I experienced the pain of globalisation in a city that has lost its identity as “Paris of the Franks”. Paris is not anymore the 1789 lighthouse that resonated with Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

The only thing that inspired me was the flame beneath the Arch. It took me through a paradigm shift myself and inticed me to reverse a track of actions that would have ultimately left me “Brad Pitt-ed” a couple of years down the road.

Never underestimate the great impact a “flamed sword and a shield” can have on free souls. Paris lost its French identity, the flame below the Arch is the burning Soul of Paris, an inspiration and reminder of the great deeds of few good people to protect the identity of their clan and their nation.

Losing your national identity is a resultant of invasions: whether its an invasion on feet, through consumerist ideologies or multinationals.

And invasions breed resistance.

Emmanuel Macron is the symbol of the tamed effeminate man, the model modernity is trying to enforce down humanity’s throat. The beaurocrat, corporate wage slave who complies with the will of his superiors. He even married his school teacher,24 years his senior; his wife wears the pants !!! Nicolas Sarkozy, for all his disastrous decisions, was good at being a man !

Emmanuel is the candidate of the metropoles, the candidate of valueless Finance!

Marine is a lawyer, most of her career was spent as a “public defender”. She is not a beaurocrat, never had a boss and when her father wasn’t able to take proper decisions, staged a family coup.

Marine, has the backing of the peripheries and contrary to political and popular beliefs, she’s not racist !

She is a “Strong Independent” lady, the real personification of the type, and bashing Macron in their last debate is proof. Note that Strong Independent lady is dissimilar to the current reberal similarly named notion which is based on legalized corporate pro*****tion in a pseudo-city, fast employment cash liquidity and mercurial rise, open hypergamy and narcotics use while becoming vectors for STDs.

Had it not been for the MO’s of elections, I bet, neither Hillary, nor Macron, nor van der Bellen would have liked to sit at the debate table. Their common denominator is being bashed by their opponents, being supported by the establishment and having landslide coverage from the mainstream media.

Only someone who is strong and on the side of righteousness can sit at the table, build consensus and achieve win-wins. The weak and guilty flee “the table”, crystalyze their souls in reberalism and seek the comfort of the valueless metropole. In this light, Marine can better manage Emmanuel’s good electoral promises, especially his suggested economic and financial reforms!

France of the Franks, Vercingetorix, Napoleon, de Gaulle has already chosen Marine. It’s not right, nor left, nor middle anymore, it’s about either yeilding to dumb globalism or making the most out of globalism without dissolving one’s identity.

Paris, you’ve always been good to me !

And you will be good to Marine in 2017 and/or 2022.