The Passion in 2017

How would liberals perceive Jesus in 2017 — how would he be doubted, betrayed and denied — the modern days.

Liberals perceiving Jesus

Two thousand years ago, a forward thinking open minded Master, put his -what Nassim Nicholas Taleb labelled - “Soul in the Game” in a bid to transform the social norms dictated by the scriptures from text to values. In this particular week, which this year happens to be celebrated by all Christians in the Levant in tandem, a lot of observations hit me.

How would Liberals perceive Jesus

Jesus’ stand off with the clergy was mainly based on how to interpret the scriptures and bring into it more humane values, while the clergy would fight to the death to avoid any disruption to their prevailing system.

Two millenia down the road,in this post-modern, post-feminism and post-dotcom era, society is reverting back to texts instead of values and ethics. Any law can be toyed with, you can sign a pre-nup to void the sacred institution of marriage from its “sharing assets” modality, now that high-mileage ethic-less bimbos have made divorce their primary skill in the marketplace and child support their best -and most underrated -passive income scheme.

But hey, go to a certain caribbean republic and divorce your wife without even giving her a penny, the “law” there allows you !

Anyways, Jesus today will be perceived as a narcissistic psychopath, one who is too stubborn and believes that he is right, sticks to his values and walks the talk.

A sociopath that would shut down everyone, who doesn’t share his point of views, out of his life and kick them out of the “House of my Father”.

Do you think that He would have shut down all the red-flagged people? He plainly admitted that he came for them. He loved them, and put his being on the line for them. The difference is that those red-flagged, back then, were ashamed. Today, being red-flagged is a source of pride. We have brainwashed every average human being and sold them the ‘YOLO’ mindset to be proud of instead of valorising ethics and heroism.

We have prioritized fun over happyness, looks over substance and hypergamy over family.

The dynamics are different nowadays, even if He gave the red-flagged a chance, they will let themselves and Him down, something we will discuss later on.

In Gethsemane, modern psychologists and social “so-called” scientists would argue that he is going through a rough PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) episode and that he has a Panic Attack, while a few hours later, he submitted himself to torturous treatment, similar to what christians in the Levant have been going through since then, in a sadistic psychopathic manner.

Again, modern psychologists, social scientists, lobbyists and the emerging “engagement managers” would twist your perception of the world and alter it to validate their existence in a made-up system that without it, they would practically make the first three lines of the infantry in one of the 100 years wars.

An “engagement manager” would ask a classic probing and poisonous question such as “what if he threatened the institution? Don’t you think putting a contract on his head would mitigate the risks? Isn’t it better that an individual be discarded than losing our way of life?”

Wait a second, that’s Caiaphas (Joh 11:50)!

Next time your girl tells you, “i’ve been doing that for the past seven years and living my own way” know that she already slept with one of her exes, under your nose, and is looking to discard you, Caiaphas style !

Doubted, betrayed and denied

Three of his twelve trusted people let him down at the hour when he needed them the most.

Thomas doubted his resurrection, Judas betrayed him for 30 silvers and Peter-oh that rock!- denied that he even knew him. Once crucified, everyone disappeared in fear, except his mother, his best friend and his beloved Mary.

So, in 2017, Peter would have -throughout His ministry refused to share on his timeline any of Jesus’ posts or get tagged in a picture. And so egoistically and egotistically would have joined the crowd in cursing the arrested convict in his “bid” to fit-in and secure his continuity in the jobmarket.

Judas, well, he would have gone bar crawling, getting drunk everynight with career-oriented college-mates to forget about his miserable meaningless life.

Thomas, would have taken his formal education and shoved it in Jesus’ wounds, tried to rationalize that Jesus is a mere fake. In the end why listen to a small carpenter and failed entrepreneur while he would be going for an ivy league masters degree.

Let the beads role.

The Magdalene would have held Jesus’ hand on Palm Sunday, yet after the Last Super, she would have texted her-ex claiming that “JC is not treating her well, he is so self absorbed and cranky and is turning into a drama queen” and some of the Beta-orbiters would have encouraged her to re-establish the connection with an “understanding and open-minded ex, who wouldn’t claim that he is the Son of God”. Plus she has a career in a corporate-infected-city that she needs to maintain, because what Jesus says “won’t pay the bills”.

John would remain shocked, yet pressured by his peers , would also go bar-hoping, taking selfies and posting on Instagram with captions such as #LifeGoesOn and stuff like that.

The modern days

As I said earlier, Jesus put his “Soul in the Game”. Two thousand years later, the “Legacy” remains.

People nowadays, much more than in the past, are too connected and too dependent on the system they will fight you and try to destroy you if you attempt to set them free.

Depressing, doomy and gloomy. Back then, they were twelve, eleven of them were related to him in blood kin, they defeated him for three days. Yet, putting your Soul in the Game gurantees that you will be antifragile, that whatever they throw at you, you will win, maybe not when you are alive but you will win.

Yes, I can read your thoughts. If you are reading this, you are walking safely to your death some months from now. Twenty centuries down the road, we don’t recall the salesperson that sold Mary’s the towel to soak the blood of Jesus. Neither will anyone remember the good employee, who gets drunk on the weekends.

Stay true, bring back the ethics into the law and don’t seek the Jesuses of today to support them, they will find you and walk with you, just make sure that when they walk into your life don’t chase them away.