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While organizations are rushing to secure their networks and infrastructure in order to gain a robust security posture that allows them to meet regulations and protect their assets. They often tend to overlook an equally important aspect of security, which is securing the software development lifecycle.

When we look at the numbers, we can get an idea of the reasons behind this disregard:

Lack of Awareness

In a survey of 400 developers conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Veracode.

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With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employees are resorting to working from home. While working remotely might seem like a practical arrangement, it brings with it major security challenges to your organization.

Rest assured however, as there is a solution to every problem. Today we will provide you with ten controls that will help you empower your employees while keeping your assets secure.

1. Go through the tunnel:

The importance of adopting Virtual Private Networks cannot be stressed enough. VPN solutions prevent malicious users that could be connected to the same network as your employees, from sniffing their traffic and collecting valuable information.

Make sure to…

Antoun Beyrouthy

Cyber Security Expert

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