How Antoun Sehnaoui has contributed to the Success of Société Générale de Banque au Liban

Antoun Sehnaoui is the CEO of the Société Générale de Banque au Liban (SGBL). This is one of the most successful banks that have managed to go through the recent times of financial crisis. The bank has managed to withstand tough competition that has swept through the banking sector as banks demand for a more responsible approach in the industry.

Sehnaoui is among the stakeholders who have participated in the activities aimed at building the banking industry on differentiation and enabled the disillusion public build trust in the industry as well as sustain relationships with customers. In the recent past of growing distrust by customers and misgivings, several banks have made efforts to instill more client-centricity sense while focusing on balanced and sustainable growth. These efforts have been aimed at recapturing the market.

SGBL Promotion Campaign — France 24 Arabic Launch

SGBL bank under the leadership of Sehnaoui is one of the banks that have managed to do this. This bank has embraced a responsible instead of a conservative strategy. The bank has followed a two-fold strategy or objective with an aim of increasing satisfaction among client and expanding the market where possible. This has enabled the bank to emerge as a new breed within the private sector. The bank has always given customer satisfaction precedence over anything else.

Clients are the greatest assets

As the CEO, Sehnaoui has always insisted that clients are the greatest assets of any bank. He has ensured that the culture of SGBL understands that clients are the major assets. At the level of private banking in particular, the bank considers clients as its long-term partners and it strives to ensure that they are always satisfied. It is by doing this that SGBL has remained a major, most respected and leading bank. The bank is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The many years that the bank has been in operation confirms its active presence in the region as a leading, universal bank. It also confirms that the bank has always managed to cater for all retail fronts, private and corporate banking clients.

Safe management

Sehnaoui has always instilled confidence in all stakeholders of the bank. He has always reminded them that SGBL partners with the leading banking group in Europe, the Société Générale Group. He has always reminded them that this group boasts of an outstanding and extensive global presence.

The approach of SGBL to private banking has the support of international network and the recognized knowledge of the teams. In the changing and complex global regulatory setting, invaluable banking makes it possible for the bank to offer unfaltering access to the services that cover world-wide wealth planning, financing solutions and investment advisory.

Sehnaoui has always pointed out that private banking as a business at the group level has strict guidelines and it observes adherence to common objective of providing the best financial products to clients globally. It is this focused and effective leadership of the Société Générale de Banque au Liban with Antoun Sehnaoui as the CEO that has seen this bank become a strong, reputable financial institution of the current times.


Antoun Sehnaoui has played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the Société Générale de Banque au Liban. Learn about his role as the CEO of this bank.

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