Benefits Of Digital Signature

Everything is digitized in this online era. One of the concepts to be reckoned with is e-signing. Digital signatures have become a reality in several industries and the trend is only growing by the second. They are now being utilized to protect documents in an array of fields including invoices, employment contracts, life insurance policies, rental agreements and so forth.

Let us look at some of the advantages of a digital signature.

Faster Payment

With digital signatures, one can endure swifter closure of sale on the spot, finalize contracts and close documents that need signatures from numerous parties. You can easily streamline the generation of invoices, legal agreements, invoices or basically any paperwork that usually takes time to close due to ink signatures. With digital signatures, the once-tedious procedure is now quicker and simpler.

Saves Cost & Time

Typically, while preparing an official document for contracts or deals, a lot of parties are required to sign. In the past, all the recipients had to couriered and the waiting time for all the signing to be complete would take time. But with digital signing, the procedure for the documents to be delivered, revised as well as authenticated online is very quick. This paperless procedure not only saves time but also cost and the process is completed in a smooth manner.

Added Security

When it comes to safeguarding your documents, digital signing beats paper. The software used to create the signature will make sure that it is encrypted. This will shield the complete document from getting tampered.

Enhancing Customer Service

Since we live in an online era, everything is digitized. As per the results of a marketing report, 65% of digital growth comes from smartphones. This shows that a lot of businesses are conducted online via personal devices. Thanks to the digital revolution, these days, most customers expect digital signing. It is an extremely simple procedure and helps in maintaining customer loyalty and you’re business is not accused for keeping up with the times.

Environment friendly

There are a lot of environmental sustainability advantages for using digital signatures. You’re reducing waste and decreasing the cost that would have otherwise been allotted for paper. With digital signatures, a clear indication is given to stakeholders, customers, partners and employees that your business cares about the environment and practices sustainability.

Document Validity

When it comes to ensuring document validity, digital signatures are the way to go. Many softwares include long-term signature formats, thus facilitating digitally signed documents to be valid for several years, well into the future, even if technology has advanced and grown by leaps and bound since the signing.

Digital signatures have truly become an empowering technology in recent times. It has also speeded up the procedure of developing digitally signed invoices which serves to validate the authenticity of signature. The Tally.ERP 9 module contains digitally signed invoice which is produced from the Tally Software. Its authenticity is validated by choosing the digital certificate bought from the license certificate authority (CA). A digital signature that is valid offers people strong proof that the invoice was generated by an authenticated sender and that the information was not changed en route. The digitally signed invoice features User Identity such as Location, Name, Reason, Time stamp & Contact.

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