Hey, great thoughts, thanks.
Markiyan Matsekh

Hi Markiyan-

Working with the market doesn’t occupy too much of my day-to-day activities right now. Luckily, our market is pretty small and defined (for now). When we are exploring new opportunities (products), then, I do spend a decent amount of my time in the field, but since our product has an established market now, I do not have to do that as often. Typically I may find myself doing market exploration 3–4 times per year. Once we’ve defined what we’re going to work on though, working on product development takes up the bulk of my time. I’m primarily focused on making sure my requirements reflect my market research and what I hope the solution looks like at the end of the day. I’d say the time spent on market research, for our product, is less of a time suck, which is definitely a unique situation.

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