Bloody interesting, and I’m sure bloody Anthony Eales would bloody agree!
Stewart Clegg

Crazy to think that Facebook would produce their own news articles. But Mark Zuckerberg pretty much writes posts that make news all the time and get 100k likes+ on the regular.

I can imagine them hiring all sorts of star journalists away from big publications and even hiring celebrities to write and get paid by Facebook.

This might not happen right away. I can picture the power of traditional news organizations weakening so much that for Facebook to keep their users interested they will produce news themselves.

On the topic of subscriptions.

If news publications that have devoted followings switch to a subscription model only the most devoted will pay most likely. The question is do you make more money with less people with a subscription model? Or do you make more with an ad based model based on a following multiples times more than with a paid model? Reach vs. intimacy with the paying dedicated reader.

In Australia print circulation is heading down. And I don’t think News Corp and Fairfax are going to be able to pick that up with digital subscriptions. I see The Herald Sun trying to give away Samsung tablets with a years subscription for less than the price of the Samsung tablet. Desperation!

On Stewart Clegg’s idea of a Spotify for news:

I think that’s a brilliant idea. Would need to be marketed well. But Apple News is basically a free ad-supported Spotify for news. It just hasn’t taken off. Same with Facebook Instant Articles. A paid Spotify for news would need to have a free option I reckon to get people interested. The news publishers would have to organize for this to happen. But if all of them joined it could work. Most likely there will be a News Corp one and a Fairfax one. In Australia at least.

I can’t wait for 2016 in news.

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