Some of my projects done.

What logos are

We will skip technical explanations, but some curious truths are necessary. Nobody says why logos really ugly or bad drawing work while some logos very well designed, clear to read and to understand do not work. Ok, it happens because logo is not a piece of art. It is mercadological. Logos must to relate with the businesses they represent.

Logos are confirmations of your business promises. If you have a transportation company and you promise punctuality. The clock is your boss and your observer. So, clients stay searching for a company and they have some ideas in mind, aspects they appreciate: price, size of trucks… punctuality. Ops, can you see? One of the valueted elements is your key!

Positioning business is the beginning. If your key-element is an important aspect to your target, you are in a right direction, because win oportunity to do the service is capital to your company survives.

Execute the work is make experiences. Among many companies, clients saw your logo. It is a big clock above a truck. They called you fast and made a deal. You win!… Or not?

Your logo will turns the real experience rememberable. If the business worked very well, a logo will help. If it is not, a logo will make the things worse. You won clients but you lost the time and arrived late. Your branding is ruined.

So, none of the brands are valued correctly without study its context, market, positioning and how it is used. As an exemple, one real project that I did for a system of the National Agency of Foment for Small Business in Brazil.

First, the demand was evalueted with a market's perspective.
Second, a concept was developed to fit in some aspects of the market.
Finally, the logo was approved and implemented.

If it is complex understand some markets to make a valid idea to a logo, in the other hand, sometimes, very simple concepts are good. It's not big effort or challenge drawing a man with megaphone for a newspaper, open door for rural tourism or a hot plate for a restaurant. But it was enough to simple projects I had.

One thing must to be clear, main formal aspects are important to draw a good logo. One of this is the capacity to the drawing explain a concept in a first time that target see it. Of course, it leads to other measures, as the logo survives in only one color or in a small sizes.

An exemple of logo in full color, monocromatic or in small size

Design functional logos is a work that requires more than to be able to draw. In fact, drawing is a small part of my time when I'm developing a new branding. Understand about marketing will put you in the right perspective: that of business.