Why to hear the target

This is the ux story. At the recent history of my career, I asked to myself what were ux design. Many books and articles talk about that, but the main principle had been stayed nebulous in my mind. In fact, I've worked with ux without know that.

The first aspect to understand is projects start with real problems. At least the good ones. People have a problem to solve. The point to start is know what hurts in their real experience. They maybe don't notice which element of the product or aspect of the service is broken. So, designers as me must to find it.

Target don't know they are "target". This word is usually used to refer to kind of people have behaviour or profile to will be an user or client of the product or service. Their perspective is not analytical and careful. It is the work for a product designer.

From the designers' point of view, the project needs answers as fast as possible. This is a reason that most part of the projects fail. In name of the hurry, the perspective of the target is set aside, the final project doesn't solve the hurts of the people and nobody buy it.

The calendar is their, not yours. This is the important question. If booking with representants of the target is difficult, designers are pressed to jump the research. To fix it, you can build short forms, use social media to have attention, call to a list of real clients of the other products or at least call to friends interested in this profile of project! Do something is better than do nothing.

The signal from noise. The reason that it is very important is hypothesis have many parts with ideas that don't work and some of then that work. How to separate one of the others? Ask potential users. Simply.

I'm not a master of ux. Maybe one day… But I had more than one time, clients calling me to say: "hey, Anderson, I have a problem with my project and I don't know what to do to solve it". This is a key to ux. When someone don't have idea what order to me, but trust in my methods, I'm winning an ux project. The aspect are built in my methods to work that created this reputation with clients is my organisation to hear the target.