Challenge 500/60: 100/500 hours

Antoine Leclercq
Feb 13, 2017 · 2 min read

On January 30th, 2017 I started a challenge with some fellow students at Launch School. We decided to do 500 hours of coding in 60 days. To hold ourselves accountable and keep track of what we accomplished we decided to write a blog post every 100 hours of focused work. It’s been a little over a 100 hours for me thus far, so it is time for me to write a quick sum up.

# Sum up of what I’ve done during these first 100ish hours

  • Reviewed/Created flashcards daily — 17 hours : around 600 cards reviewed with a breakdown as followed, I started the challenge 14 days ago so it’s only from -14d to -1d (I haven’t reviewed them today yet):
  • Finished the course 220 about Front-end Development with JavaScript (includes completing 5 projects + exercises about new topics + creating new flashcards about new topics and learning them) — 37 hours.
  • Wrote 1 blog post about my learning process — 3 hours.
  • Provided help to some students going through previous courses. This gave me some opportunity to review some topics along with learning new things depending on the topic— 3 hours.
  • Had some conversations with instructors/TAs/students/friends about programming, to learn new things, and deepen my understanding, by communicating it and challenging it with them —7 hours .
  • Finished 249 assessment, which includes building a practice project, building the assessment project, and passing the assessment interview — 18 hours .
  • Started course 260, finished the first lesson and I am halfway through the second lesson, for now I completed exercises about MVC Frameworks/Backbone.js + built 4 projects — 25 hours.

# Benefits from doing the challenge

  • Increased motivation
  • Increased number of hours worked per week
  • Time management improvements
  • Increased productivity

That’s it for my short sum up. New post in 100 hours of focused work. See you then!

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