10 Improvements to Make to Optimize Your Content

It’s true that not every piece of content is going to reflect top quality. It wouldn’t be wise to blindly start writing and expect your content to come out well. In order to optimize your workflow and cut down wasted time, go over everything you write and filter it with a fine toothed comb using each of these ten key points for content optimization.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you even think about typing in that first sentence make sure you know exactly who you will be writing for. No, not individual people. An entire audience has to be taken into account before you even start think about creating content. This might require you to think like someone else, unless you are naturally inclined to enjoy a particular type of content that will appeal to a massive crowd. In that case, you’re “writing what you know” which can work but only if you are exceptional at writing what you know.

2. Have Your Social and Search Optimized

Apart from gated articles on the internet, everything you write needs to be search engine optimized. It’s true that you’re writing for the reader but the reader can’t very well read unless they can find it first. Sure, you can go the paid advertising route, but wouldn’t it be even better to not have to pay for a single ad and just get the traffic yourself? With the proper weaving of keywords into your content, this is an achievable route.

3. Quality Wins Customers

Having something nice for your customers to look at every day they visit your site is invaluable, so make sure your graphics are clean and professional and your layout is easy on the eyes too.

4. Storytelling

Put personality into your writing by providing a story for them to follow along with. Provide something of value for your customers to read. If it’s not something that will catch their interest within the first few sentences, then they will likely lose interest and your message won’t get across right. This will also allow you to connect with your readers on a human level, rather than sounding like a robot spewing out data for them to skim over.

5. Be Informative

Know what you are writing and why you are writing it. Let that come across in your content. Let them learn something new, so that when they leave your site, it will have a lasting impact on them for days to come.

6. Be Educational

On the same note, use things like webinars, Ebooks, Guides, lists, and infographics or videos to really get their interest. Many people are visual learners, after all.

7. Be Engaging

In the chance you are not writing for carbon copies of yourself, you will need to get to know another audience and what they like and dislike. Having this strong understanding of the way their minds work will aid you in deciding on why they should be using your product and how it would benefit them by aligning with their own values. If you already have a preexisting customer base, even better. At that point, be sure to use your analytics software in order to learn as much as you can about your customer base to improve your content as your services grow.

8. Be Persuasive

There is a popular technique you can use called “pre-suasion”. By using this technique, your audience will be pre-primed for optimal conversion.

9. Optimize Well for Conversion

While persuasion is a large part, it is only a piece to the very large pie. Conversion optimization is all about creating a user experience that is seen as positive and intuitive.

10. Have Everything Distributed Right

Find all the right channels to get in to. Hit every niche area you can find on the web and you will be sure to attract only the right audience to your site.