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my name is antwon, and i’m a born-again blogger. this is where my new portal begins.

i think it is important that i give thanks to the person who inspired me to type away my thoughts and feelings. the idea of sharing my ideas has always appealed to me. medium.com also has her to thank as this added one more user to its database.

thanks, k.


a lot has been happening recently in my life as well as in my community. more recently, a tragic fire in a warehouse party took the lives of several young people. i was grateful to see a large turnout at the candle vigil last night, with everyone pouring out their heart in one way or another — the power of community is strong here, and it’s clear that many locals have been affected. the mayor of berkeley took to the mic and spoke of the forward objectives to provide more live-work spaces for artists and communal-type folk. the crowd, already nodding his previous remarks, then burst into applause and appreciation for his words. shortly after, the mayor of oakland followed up, and was immediately boo-ed as she walked up to the mic. some other guest speakers attempted to remind the audience that we come together despite differences in respect to those who suffered from this event, however with passing time the shouts and comments grew louder and more disrespectful. her repeated self-defensive responses, “it’s okay, it’s my job to take in everyone’s emotions,” took over her speech and she tried to close it as smoothly as possible, but it seemed like this wasn’t the place for her to begin with. maybe it was because the mayor of berkeley was there, so of course she had to be there. he set the trap.

recently, i have been hanging out with some old friends, and it’s almost as weird as when we stopped hanging out. i’m awkward with this phase, and i am reminding myself that my past is exactly that. i tread forward with no expectations, which is as neutral as it sounds. amidst all this weirdness lately, i like life. sometimes the feeling of discomfort is refreshing and i like how little i let it affect me. there’s beauty in life, even under its cracks and at its edges.

i’m craving a muffin.

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