language affair

When i started the Andela bootcamp i was of the notion that i would at least get to remain monogamous in the sense of being a master in a certain language say ‘HTML’ little did i know of the plans the new curriculum had in store for me. For the sake of the story i will call my Html Hanna. There i was all senses in my code finding bugs here fixing bugs there, code working yesssss, building failing nooooo. Then suddenly i see this fine, gorgeous, eye-catching beauty a friend to Hanna really close friend. The epitome of what all developers want. So like all men i decide to follow her and get to know her better. The casual talk hi Ants here whats your name lovely i am CSS Candice nice to meet you Candice. We get to know each and figure out we have a mutual person but still the forbidden is irresistible so we decide to push our luck. a few days go by and i meet one of Anna’s ‘advisers’ those girls that tell your girl if its okay to dump you and that kind of stuff. Prudence PHP, wow she is it my friend. I mean she is the total package, all what Anna is and much more functional. At this particular point I was beginning to understand what i had been told once that in this cold world of ours filled with sleepless nights you just cant have one. You will always want more and whats wrong with wanting more, it proves your are hungry, ambitious and willing to expand your knowledge base. After this point i met bootstrap Brenda, Js Jane and many more of her friends that i dint know making thanks to her anyway making it a polygamous relationship .What had started as an affair had grown to what it was and i was fine with it.This is how the Andelan bootcamp has been like. Everyday i learn a new programming language and new ways to deal with projects that come along the way expectedly on unexpectedly. Just yesterday i learnt how to use Flask a web framework built within python and today i was all up in its business getting frustrated here and there when my code failed to build and getting really psyched when it did. I couldn't have done it alone though i got materials from my LFA , my peers and the largest library know to man and alien Google. Its been an interesting experience so far.