swimming in the deep

Understanding knowledge can be compared to that aha moment or better yet that eureka moment in your life. This is when one gets a grasp of how things go about in a certain branch of the “universe” of knowledge. being in the Andela Bootcamp is like taking on the oceans during a storm. There is no laziness, rest is minimal, you have to stay focused throughout lest you find yourself floating away in a world you may never come out of. To come out alive you need your team mates at your side pretty much every time behaving like fine tuned gears working in perfect unison.

This ANDELAN knowledge is hidden within layers of encrypted cryptograms intertwined in anagrams and given a hint of childs’ play to mess the entire thing up. “one would think the aim was not to find it at all” any way the excitement one gets for just figuring out a challenge is so thrilling perhaps the closest thing to that is the feeling a guy gets when he approaches a girl for the first time and asks her out and she says yes aaaah! So far it is an overwhelming experience in pretty much all ways. Every day there is something new to learn.