Being the best is as important as it is made out to be.

Being the best is a destination. The destination is a market which is not too crowded. However, sadly, the journey to get to the market is as crowded as a beehive. There are too many who set out on this journey to be the best and not many make it. And that’s the main rationale why the unsurpassed are always sought after and rewarded more than the others. Why after all, being the best is so important?

Opportunity cost is omnipresent. In every decision, every choice, every yes or no, every accept reject, there’s always something to lose. And losing something in the pursuit of something that is better or rather the best is the only pursuit worth the wait. Why should a university decline a candidate with better potential than the other? Why should an employer let go off an employee with better work experience and skills for someone who’s not as good? Why should a student go to a less renowned school or college out of choice? The answer is: they shouldn’t. Nobody should settle for less. And that dictates the need to compete. Competition in today’s time is soaring sky high and unemployment is a debt that falls heavily on those who are incompetent. Competition is as crucial as sunshine for the crops. If everyone were to be millionaires with chauffeur driven Limousines and houses as massive as mansions and wealth as much as greenery in the Arizona then the scenario would be way different. The fact is, equality is an illusion. Equality cannot exist and must not exist. The absence of equality highlights the existence of competition. and the existence of competition should be a good enough reason to be on the other side of inequality, the better side, the brighter side. You have to be the best or at least strive to be the best to be competent in the first place.

Being the best not only offers luxuries like not having to sacrifice and compromise but also a state of mind that will be so peaceful and content that you’ll cherish all those days of endurance. Moreover, when you are the best, when you have the qualities, attributes and knowledge that is esoteric, you’ll be irreplaceable. Irreplaceable as a student, irreplaceable as an employee, irreplaceable as a partner, irreplaceable as a parent and above all, irreplaceable as an individual. You cannot be irreplaceable by being extra-ordinarily adept at one single thing, for instance, playing the guitar. You need to be extra-ordinarily adept at every single thing that you do, big or small. When you leave, you must leave a legacy behind that generations of mankind endure upon. You must be remembered.

There will be times when you may not necessarily be able to BE the best but you must, at least, DO your best.

Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated and the unrivaled.

Do not fall for it and do not ever give up on your quest to be the best. Being on top of the line should become a way of life and a habit that you must never quit, no matter what. When you’re the best, everyone else will buzz around you as though you’re nectar and that’s a feeling equivalent to driving back to your mansion in a chauffeur driven Limousine to your family that is happier than ever.

Be the best. Happy journey!