Bliss is relative.

Relativity is omnipresent. There’s never an absolute measure for human behavior and emotions. Something that makes you happy today, might not make you happy tomorrow. In mathematical terms, consider this:

B= Bliss, P= Place, S= State of mind, L= People, E= Expectancy, A= Age

Hence, f(B)= x(P) + y(S) + z(L) + m(L) + n(E) + t(A)

Bliss is relative to the place. An ice cream vendor on the streets of Mumbai might not make you as happy as on the streets of Florida. The beaches in Miami are almost homogeneous to those in India, but apparently are way more relaxing and are highly considered for beach parties. Witnessing fireworks on New Year’s eve opposite Burj Khalifa has a different vibe altogether as opposed to ones burst for a wedding in a remote village. The place matters. The surroundings matter.

Bliss is relative to your state of mind. Say you have a back log of assignments, submissions are due and your best friend’s birthday is coming up. You might not enjoy the party as much as you would’ve if you had a summer break or even if there were no submissions due. You’ll probably not drink as much because you’ve got to get back and study or, you might not dress up much because you might not want to waste time dressing up and then undressing. Suppose you’re a sensitive person and on the way to your most favorite picnicking spot, you witness the death of two dogs. You’ll be mentally disturbed for obvious reasons and that place where bliss lay, might not offer the same pleasure and merry now. So those who answer “Depends” when asked “What makes you happy?” aren’t exactly diplomatic. They’re just closer to the truth.

Bliss is relative to the people around you. They say, you have four faces: one around parents, around friends, around your crush and one when you’re alone. And, it’s perfectly true. And, its fine as long as you’re still yourself.

Bliss is relative to your expectancy (in terms of spiritual, emotional and materialistic expectations). Expectations hurt and you’ve heard this a trillion times already. However, having expectations doesn’t hurt. Not being able to scale your expectations and not accepting what is, hurts. Not being able to make adjustments to your expectations, hurts.

Bliss is relative to your age. Times when kitchen sets and hot wheels’ cars used to make us happy are not even relevant now when all that makes most of us happy are vodka shots and LIITs.

P.S: There can never be one single thing that can make you happy always, unconditionally, irrespective of everything else. And, you don’t have to be consistent with what makes you happy. Just be.

Try at least.