Types of listeners.

This is just one of the hundred thousand divisions that mankind has come up with. There’s nationalities, religions, castes, creeds, genders, classes, races, hierarchical ranking and then this: types of listeners.

Type 1: They only listen to the things that interest them

When put up for a debate, they’re the kind who will only listen to their proponents because they’ll probably share the same opinion instead of listening to their opponents because nah, ‘cannot deal with differently opinionated people’. In parties and gatherings, they’re the ones who will immediately strike a conversation with someone sitting right next to them if one of the group members is talking about his obsessions. If you have realized you’re Type 1, I suggest, take up reading, writing or watching something that’s way beyond your interest. Go beyond your ‘comfort’ liking and explore areas that you believe aren’t your type. This will probably enhance your ability to stand by something that isn’t typically of your interest and you’ll find yourself listening to people talk about things you didn’t know even exist.

Type 2: They only want their vocal cords to exercise.

When you’re sharing a heart-touching story from your childhood with this friend of yours and he/she cuts right through the middle and starts telling their story which is more or less parallel to yours and forgets that you’re yet to complete. Yes, they’re widespread. They’re Type 2. They’re always waiting eagerly for you to stop talking so that they can start. If you’re Type 2, it’s time to change that habit of yours. Cutting people right through in the middle when they’re talking is a big no.

Type 3: They pretend they’re listening

The ones who have their eyes glued to the screens and their only reply is ‘Oh’ or maybe ‘Oh. Really?’ They’re the ones who make you question your choices and raise doubts as to whether or not you can keep someone interested in a conversation. Please, do not fake it. Either be a part of the conversation or don’t. There’s no mid-way. Having somebody who’s a half-listener especially while sharing something sullen just makes it worse.

Type 4: They listen.

The best ones. They listen with this curious state of mind and keep asking questions to continue the conversation. They leave you with a lighter heart and almost always, manage to better your mood. Yes, they’re meant to be treasured. Be Type 4. Speak when you’re required to, listen when you’re expected to and you’re good to go.