SATTU — The cheapest health drink

Health does not come with a price tag as it’s a belief nowadays. Our (Indian) traditional foods have a lot of nutritive value if used in a correct way.

Sattu is the best vegan health drink which can be compared to the commonly used whey protein.

It’s a natural coolant used in many northern states but easily available everywhere.

Its made of roasted chana (Bengal gram) powder .Chana causes a lot of gastric issues but on the contrary sattu helps in reducing flatulence and acidity.

60 grams (4 tbsp) of this roasted flour will give you approx. 20 grams of high quality protein along with –

Calcium and magnesium (a fantastic combination as magnesium helps calcium get better absorbed into the body). This makes it excellent for bone health.

It helps in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

For elderly people, sick people, bed ridden people, people recovering from serious diseases or surgery, sattu or roasted gram flour will build their strength and muscle mass rapidly.

Super healthy for growing children and adults

Iron: Iron deficiency is a leading problem in Indian women and can cause severe health issues.Taking iron supplements can sometimes be expensive, toxic to the liver and cause constipation.

Women during pregnancy and menstruation need to increase their iron and protein intake and 2 glasses of sattu is the best way to replenish.

Fiber: Excellent source of fiber.Fiber helps to clean out the colon and stomach, prevents and cures constipation and aids fat loss and energy levels.

Sattu is also available in multigrain varieties with goodness of barley and wheat.

It can be made as a sweet and savory drink.Used in chapatis ,cheelas etc.\

Few easy to make recipe ideas for sattu drink