Parenting - Talk the untalked

“Don’t tell your daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave” is how I wanted to start.

Am not going to tell how to bring up a child. Every parent knows that. I wanted to tell what not to do as parents.

Only parents can teach or tell anything to a child. But most parents fail to talk about many things which they consider embarrassing to talk to their children. But if not them, then who will?

I still remember the first time we watched titanic movie with my family when I was a kid. My dad changed the channel during the kissing scene. That is when I started wondering what’s wrong with that scene and was curious to know what happened. So someday, when my parents were not there, I watched it. Its just a simple ‘kiss’ scene. It would not have been a strange thing if my dad had not changed the channel when we watched for the first time. But what my dad did, turned that ‘kiss’ into something which is wrong and to be hidden from someone and this is now stored in the unerasable memory of the child. This should not happen. When a child knows that his parents don’t want something to be known by the child, then the child thinks about it again and again and that becomes an abnormal thing to him.

Instead, teach your kid what a kiss really means and when its the right time to kiss someone and whom he can kiss etc. There is nothing embarrassing to talk to your children about this. If you don’t, then who will. When parents don’t talk about this to their kid, the kid starts to get to know about that by itself and mostly in a wrong manner and that is the reason of most of the crimes to women today.

Teach both your daughter and son what good touch and bad touch are. Many young girls don’t even know if they are harassed. Teach your daughter about men and and their body, so that she can understand the wrong guy approaching her, with his body language. Teach your son about women and her body and what she’s upto. Teach your son about menstruation and why that happens, so that he knows exactly what it is instead of developing wrong thoughts about women. Teach both your son and daughter about sex. Teach them everything. Its parents duty to tell about all these to their children at the right time and right age.

What I am trying to say is, there is nothing to be hidden from children in this internet era. If you don’t teach them, they will know everything by themselves in a wrong way. So better teach them in a right way. And also, there is nothing like something that should not be talked openly, something which is not to be discussed, something which is to be unknown.

When you teach your son about what a woman is upto, he will never be a bad guy and he will not even have second bad thoughts about a woman. He will start treating women like his mom. I mean, he will never think that women are different and men are different and he will never have a bad feel for women. The reason for most of the crimes to women today is ‘guys think that a girl is different from him’ . This thought comes only because of the physical difference, and that difference is something which is hidden to him. When he comes to know what the difference is, then he will never look a girl as a different creature. He will just look everyone as a ‘human’. The gender diversity can be vanished only if parents teach about gender to their child. So please don’t feel embarrassed to talk the facts.

Finally, its not men and women. We are humans. We are people. We are society. We are friends. We are family. We are colleagues. We all live together.

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