The life partner

Do we all really need a life partner? ‘What nonsense! Are you mad?’, everyone might exclaim, but what I want is, just to make you all realise the real meaning of a life partner.

When a baby is born, mum and dad are the only two persons who are always there. They actually do everything the baby needs right from feeding food, changing diapers, playing with them, handling midnight cries, giving speech classes, introducing with relatives and friends, capturing pictures, celebrating birthdays, taking out, training them to walk, buying them a bicycle, taking them to hospital, teaching good manners, giving first aid when they fall down from the cycle, buying their first school uniform, taking them to school, helping them in their homework, giving pocket money, arranging friends meet, attending parents meeting, polishing their shoes, washing their dresses, cooking their favourite food, listening to all their story that happened that day, signing their report cards, planning weekend picnic, waking up all night during their board exams,….. till boarding them into a college. Now the baby is 18, isn’t it?

So folks, till 18, mum and dad are the only persons who were always there, during happiness, during crisis, during sickness and in almost in everything. So aren’t they the baby’s life partners till 18? Yes they are. Your parents are your first life partners who teach you what life is. But once you are away from your parents for higher studies or job, you probably develop a huge gap from your parents. Your parents have equipped you enough to face this life. Now its your turn. In this phase of life, there are no one to guide you directly, there are no one to control you directly, and there are hardly few who really cares.

Here comes your friends. Yes, you will be with your gang of friends 24x7 and in that 3 or 4 years, you are no more friends, you become a family. From having midnight gang chat in the hostel, going late to college, copying assignments, lunching together, wearing each others dress, having a common notebook, pen, pencil throughout the year except on exams, clicking crazy ugly pictures of your friends, teasing professors, playing, dancing, singing, ragging, standing out together, group study during exams, staying in your friends home on holidays, preparing for interviews, getting placed…. till farewell, your friends are your partners.

Now, everyone got settled in their new jobs. Colleagues are a different story. Colleagues are not always friends. You will now face the real society and get to know different shades of people. You will hardly find someone trustworthy. At this phase of life, you will concentrate fully on your career growth and development, along with parties, birthday celebrations, treats, DJs, movies, events, clubs, etc.

As life moves on, there are two possibilities that can happen.

First chance- At some point, you will meet someone who likes you, who really cares for you, and with whom you really feel comfortable with, and with whom you can be who you are. He/She slowly becomes your partner. You start sharing everything, you start hanging out, you make future plans, you support each other, you respect each others privacy. And finally once you are confident enough on your career, you marry each other and become life partners.

Second chance- Wedding is an important stage of everyone’s life. If you don’t meet that sort of person, your parents will find someone for you and you will get married and start a new life. In an arranged marriage, you don’ have a chance to get to know each other completely before wedding. So you will have to make a lot of mutual adjustments to make it work(not adjustments… Its mutual adjustments). One thing everyone has to understand is, the other person also has his/her own life, passion, privacy, dreams, habits. You should never expect the other person to change, leave his/her passion, change his/her habits etc.

At all stages of life, your partners never changed you from who you are and you never try to change your partners from who they are. Then why in a lot of weddings, the girl’s life changes completely? Of course, there should be changes, but it should be from both sides mutually to make your life perfect with your life partner.

Share your life with your partner, but not change their life.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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