One of the biggest marketing trends of 2020

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At the beginning of this new decade, marketing technology is moving fast but seems like the consumer interests and behaviors are changing at a much faster pace. Gone are the days, when the so called marketing “gurus” could use the age old techniques of one sided communication and based on past trends, hope to hit the bulls-eye every time .

The reality of marketing today is that the communication has to flow both ways, rather than just being one sided.The consumer today is well informed, has no dearth of options and wants to be heard. Everything needs to be more conversational, that’s how people want it, they want immediate response and not wait for a day to get an answer to their email or a phone call that would answer their queries. …

Cruise through with this survival guide…..

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“Terrible”, “Hell”, “Frustrating”- these are common words when we think of our daily commute. With an increase in the working population, the daily commute to work in most of the Indian cities has been getting longer. According to a report by MoveInSync, people in India spend more time in daily office commute than people in most countries in the world, with more than 2 hours on the road every day.

While most of us struggle with time management and wish we had more than 24 hours in a day, this “dead time” is a complete waste. Commuting is such an inevitable routine of our lives, that most of the times we do not even think about what it could offer us. Long hours of commuting can be mind numbing and dull leading to unnecessary stress and depression. …

Moonlighting may just give your existence a new meaning!

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What, once was considered as moonlighting, where a full-time employee might take on some extra work, is now considered an absolute necessity and is respected worldwide. Also known as gigging, picking up a side hustle or simply creating a personal brand- taking on work outside your traditional 9–5 is more popular than ever.

Amidst the social media noise leading to digital anxiety, which expects you to do something “more” in order to exist, moonlighting is a great option for anyone who wants to pick up something on the side either to kick-start a freelancing career, or make some extra cash or find a better job, or simply explore a passion to get rid of the monotony in life. …



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