How to leave Cigarette in Three days

‘The picture says it all’

You heard it right. I mean read it. Just three days. At first I thought it would be too difficult for a guy like me whose cigarette count is more than 20. But I made it. And here’s how…

Be determined

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will — Vince Lombardi Jr.

The first and foremost thing that you need to leave cigs is determination. With sheer determination you can do anything that possible. Have trust in yourself and never give up. Whenever you feel for getting your next roll just have enough water ( or whatever ) and drop the idea of having it.

Saying this is easy but doing it in actual is too damn hard. Am passing through day 2 now while writing.

Reduce the Count in Steps

Ya that’s what everyone follows rather leaving it all of a sudden. My planing goes like this:

  • Reduce the Count to 10 on the first day. Okay don’t get nervous, I know it sounds too many some people while too less for the other. So I came up with the idea. Everyday reduce ur count by 2. And if you get a odd no. Just go by the lower integer. So my equation goes like this. My average was around 20 sticks a day. So on first day I will reduce it to 10 or less. And I achieved.
  • On the second day we should go for a target of (first day count) / 2. So in my case it’s 5. Oh my gawd. . FIVE. . just five?? How will I do it?? I have already crossed 2. Let’s see. .
  • On the third day. Make it count 2. Yes, that’s what your target should be. Just ***king two. Deal with it.


This is where everyone gets stuck. Reason to leave cig can be countless, but the thing is which one is yours??

Some of the general reasons are:

  • Health issues, like COPD or Asthma problems or common breathing problems
  • Money. We don’t actually notice how much we spend for cigs in a month. Why not I help realise it.
  • Trekking plans getting affected, like mine. I don’t know if at all it was a general prob, but I enlist it as one. It can be any kind of sports or activity
  • If you have sworn someone you will leave it.
  • Or just because you want to

Think what’s your reason and don’t look back. Every-time you think of a stick, this reason will help you stay on track.

Just have trust in yourself and be what you are. It’s only you who can do it. No one else can do that thing for you. Trust me the common miss leading ads you see on internet are just nothing. It’s all about self control.

Let’s do it…